Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is always a great time of year! This year we spent Christmas in California...a little different from a Missouri Christmas but still great! Something that made Christmas great was getting Christmas cards in the mail from all our family and friends. Getting cards in the mail and hanging them up around the house really made us feel special....
We opened our gifts early on Christmas Eve this year because we were headed to Ventura in the afternoon to spend the night and wake up with Chip, Sue, and Timothy on Christmas Day.
I was so excited to get Dirty Dancing in Blu-Ray! Movies, pearls, and gift cards were just a few of the presents I got...I'm so spoiled! Notice Bazzle sitting right beside me...he was so excited to see all the presents under the tree! He couldn't wait to open his gifts--yes, grandma sent the boys some presents!
She sent the boys soft chew toys and Christmas cards made out of rawhide...something they enjoyed very much!

Jason loved opening his gifts too. He got everything he asked for and more! He got a Blu-Ray player to go with his new TV and all the different movies to go along with it.

We headed down to Ventura after we opened our gifts and packed our bags. We went to a Christmas Eve service once we arrived in Ventura. That was both our first Christmas Eve service. Something about singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve with candles, lights, and decorations all really set the mood!

Our California Christmas was so nice! It was good to be around Jason's family for Christmas. I missed my family terribly, especially all our traditions, but it was nice to start making our own traditions. Merry Christmas from the Conways!

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