Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Fun!

We were missing snow so much that we started researching things we could do over Christmas break and were surprised when we found the PERFECT thing! About an hour and a half away is mountain filled with snow, ski lifts, and rentals so we knew what we would plan for our Sunday, a day filled with skiing and snowboarding!! We got all our ski stuff out and ready the night was difficult falling asleep last night because we were so excited to get on the mountain. I decided before we even got to the mountain that I would try snowboarding. I've always skiied and never wanted to take snowboarding lessons on a vacation (I felt like I would be wasting time), but what better way to learn when the mountain is so close to our home. We packed the car and headed up North early this morning. The higher up the mountain we got, the more snow we saw! It was AMAZING!!
Someone built a huge was pretty cute so I had to get a picture! Seeing all the snow got us excited for the day! We got to the mountain just as the lifts were opening and lessons were starting. I was put in the first snowboarding lesson of the day and while I was in class Jason went up the lifts to get in some snowboarding fun! Here are a few pictures from the top of the moutain.
Early on in the morning, the mountain was empty. It was like we had our own personal mountain to snowboard on. While I was in class, Jason decided to get a few pictures. I spent more time on the snow, on my butt, and on my knees than I did on my feet for the first little bit so most of them are great action shots of me falling--thanks babe!
After my hour snowboarding lesson, I got to head up the mountain with Jason and show him everything that I learned. I got a little cocky and went a little fast and fell so hard on my butt that it took my breath away. I knew the second I fell that I would have a big, black bruise or bump! The more I fell on my butt, especially on my bruise, the harder it was to get up and head down the mountain.

I wasn't the only one falling...Jason had a few wipeouts too!

Battered and bruised we decided to take a break at the warming hut. We grabbed some drinks and snacks and tried to rest up! After we rested, we decided to give the mountain another try. We took the lift to the top...go big or go home!

After a few more trails, we decided to call it a day. We were exhausted and beat up pretty good, or at least I was. We didn't want to leave but our energy levels were getting pretty low. We will definitely go back, hopefully soon, and work on our snowboarding skills. I felt pretty confident with snowboarding by the end of the day but still not up to Jason's level but I'm determined to work on it.

We had so much fun playing in the snow today--I hate to admit it but I think I'm going to hang the skis up for now and just snowboard. I'm so glad that I challenged myself and did something different because I really enjoyed it!

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