Thursday, December 24, 2009

Timothy Visits Bakersfield

After we left the Crystal Cathedral, we brought a visitor back to Bakersfield with us. Timothy, Jason's younger brother, decided to come spend a few days with us!

The second he walked in the door, he had a new friend. Muzzy followed him everywhere and wouldn't leave him alone. When it came time to eat, he wouldn't get down off Timothy's bed. He didn't want Bazzle to get his spot...Timothy is HIS friend!

The next morning after we woke up we started calling around at different paintball fields. We wanted to take Timothy to play paintball...something he's been wanting to do. Because of the time of year, the paintball fields are only open on the weekends. BUMMER! We didn't let that stand in our way...we decided to head over to the shooting range. We walked in to the range and got situated with our ear muffs, shooting glasses, bullets, and the shooting target.

We chose the zombie target-it made shooting a little more fun and exciting. Jason made sure to show us the safety features along with how to shoot the gun. Once we felt comfortable, we started shooting!
We had a good time at the shooting range. We compete with each other and see who could hit certain areas the most! It actually helped me feel more comfortable with our gun! We tore the zombie target up pretty good!
After the shooting range, we headed out to play frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is such a fun game--not to mention a good excuse to get outside and get a little exercise.

The boys had a good time competing and showing off their frisbee skills. Jason really enjoyed spending a few days with his brother....something he's never gotten to do. I know God put us in California for a reason! It's been nice to see our California family a little more!

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