Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tule Fog

Before we moved to California, I thought it would be warm and sunny all the time. Well it is closer to the coast and unfortunately we are too far away from the coast in the winter (so it gets cold) and too close to the desert in the summer (so it gets hot)! Because of the warm ground and the cool air, our area gets fog pretty bad. We are surrounded by mountains so on the news they tend to say "the bowl will be getting fog the next few days" . The bowl is where we live! The fog is called tule fog--it comes after the first big rain fall in the winter and tends to stay until early summer. The fog gets so bad that schools have fog delays or closures...kind of like back home when we had snow delays or closures. It's cute to hear parents say their kids did fog dances so they could have a delay. Fog was never a reason to postpone school growing up but if it were then I would have been doing fog dances too! The pictures I have don't show how bad the fog really's so thick that when you drive through it it feels like it is raining. It's pretty dangerous too because it's almost impossible to see through and the way people drive out here is a bad combination! I probably shouldn't have tried taking a picture driving in the fog....probably isn't the safest thing!

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