Thursday, April 8, 2010


I got a call from the vet that our special order came in today...Muzzy's dry food. We ordered a case of wet food a few weeks ago and he's decided that it doesn't taste good so he now refuses to eat it. I've been trying to mix it with eggs, mashed potatoes and anything else I think he might enjoy but he knows that his yucky food is mixed with it so he just stares at it...refusing to eat! I put a call into the vet and she recommended the dry food...she thought he might like a little variety. How much more variety does the dang dog need?? Well, I listened to her and put in an order for some dry food. When I got the call that the food order arrived, I immediately went to pick it up. He hasn't been eating the best the past few weeks so I was anxious to get some food in him! When I walk in, I notice that the normal size (5 pound) bag of food is not what was sitting by the door. The only bag that I saw was a 20 pound bag of food. This is the only size that the manufacturers make so needless to say...that's what I walked out the door with.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of my baby with his HUGE bag of food. It's going to take him about six months to go through this much food...that is if he doesn't get bored and decides to eat it! I poured some food into his bowl and immediately, he started eating!! WOO HOO! He only decided to eat about 1/4 of his bowl but I'm not complaining. I didn't have to mix it with anything or pour broth over it--I just scooped it out of the bag! I'm hoping that Muzzy likes this new house can't hold and store much more dog food!!

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