Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Lessons

Jason's work schedule the past few weeks have been a little rough, to say the least. He wakes up and is out the door by 4:30am. His day is fast paced and filled with all sorts of traumatic experiences that would require some sort of stabilization or surgery. He usually gets home around 7pm but last night was a different scenario.
I usually get a call around 6:30pm or so telling me he is on his way home and he is starving. I usually eat dinner when I get hungry because I don't know when he'll be home so when he calls, I throw his plate in the microwave and get dinner "ready" again. Well yesterday at 6:30, 7:00, 7:15 I still didn't have his phone call. I rechecked my phone for like the hundredth time to make sure that it wasn't on silent and I had a good signal.
I want my husband home AND on time so I can have dinner warm and ready and so he can gush all the gory details of his day. Is this asking too much?! Can't I be a little selfish and wish my husband home sooner than later? Why is life so unfair?
Sometimes a good wake-up call is just what I need to see how great my life really is and how God is SOOO good to this Conway family.
When I finally got the much anticipated phone call, he shared with me the reason he was so late. At 6:00pm (right when they usually start packing up to get off), the trauma team got 4 separate '911' pages. They all rushed to the ER to find that four young individuals were in a pretty bad car accident and would need some immediate attention. I'm guessing this is the stuff that doctors live for because he said he got all excited, the adrenaline started pumping and he was ready to provide some medical treatment to the patients. It took about an hour to get all the patients stabilized and OR rooms emptied...hence, the reasoning why he took a little longer to get home than usual. He would have loved to have stayed for the surgeries but due to some scheduling, wasn't able to scrub in.
Once he finally got home and ate, he began to share more details from his evening. He said that two of the young patients were pretty critical when he bad that he wasn't sure they would even make it through the night. My stomach began knotting up....
When their families were told of their conditions, they started screaming, crying and any other emotions that a loved one would express when they are told their son/daughter might not make it through the night. My stomach knots pulled tighter....
As a non-doctor or health care worker, my first thoughts were...Was there blood everywhere? Were they awake? Did they need stitches? Jason's first thoughts were...Don't let this patient die on my watch? How do we fix this patient so he can hug his family again? How do I tell the family that the patient isn't doing very well and might not make it through the night?
Man, I'm pretty stinkin' selfish! I throw a hissy fit when he isn't home to enjoy a nice home cooked meal with me and his patient might not live another day. I definitely took this lesson and put it to action right away. I know that life isn't always perfect and things don't always go as planned and THAT'S OK. Life is too short....

On a side note:
I couldn't imagine doing what Jason does on a daily basis--I complain about organizing my files at the office. It definitely takes the right type of person to be able to walk into a room and to say with little to no emotion that a family member will not make it through the night; to take a saw and cut a man's chest open to perform an open heart surgery; to be able to put all that doctor/hospital craziness on hold the second that you walk into your house.
I'm so proud of Jason and his accomplishments that have led us to where we are today!

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