Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

This weekend couldn't have been any better! We did everything that needed to be done....spend quality time together and rest! Friday when Jason got off from work, he had caught the sinus sickness that I had last week. We had already made plans to do dinner and games with friends later that night and we hadn't hung out with them in awhile so we definitely didn't want to miss! I'm not sure California would be the same without our great friends! We tried a new restaurant and unfortunately, our night ended after dinner. Jason was feeling pretty rough so he got a big dose of NyQuil before pulling down the sheets and calling it a night.
Saturday started off a little better--we didn't roll out of bed until 7am(which felt like we slept half the day away). The weather was super nice so we got out and enjoyed a little sunshine.
We rode our bikes all through the neighborhood...we found a new shopping area with tons of restaurants and shops that we didn't know was so close to our house. Notice the new piece of equipment that hubby is wearing--the helmet. We used to never wear helmets (I still throw a fit because we don't look as cute with huge silver things strapped to our head) but since Jason has been working at the hospital, things have changed. He had a patient this week that got pretty banged up when a squirrel got trapped in his spokes and caused a serious accident....needless to say, we now wear helmets.
After our bike ride, we decided it was nap time. I couldn't resist this picture of Jason and the boys! Bazzle is laying on his butt and Muzzy is laying beside him on his arm. They love spending time with their daddy! Later that evening, we took a trip up to Panorama Park to see all the oil rigs/wells. Panorama Park is built out along steep cliffs on the North side of Bakersfield. Oil wells were everywhere!!They literally were as far as the eye could see. The pictures don't show the oil camera wouldn't zoom out far enough to see them all. The pictures aren't great, so use your imagination!!Sunday was a great end to the weekend. We slept in, napped and cooked dinner together! The weather was fabulous...I spent a good chunk of time outside by the pool today! The boys even got to play outside with their friend/neighbor Ruby. Ruby is a hyperactive Pomeranian pup that loves chasing the boys around the yard.

After a great weekend, I think we're ready to take on this week! We both have an action packed week...good thing we rested up! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!

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