Sunday, April 11, 2010


* We've had a pretty quiet week...nothing too exciting going on in the Conway house! Muzzy has decided that he likes his new food! He really likes to throw it all out of his bowl, eat a few of the bottom pebbles and watch his older brother drool over all the food scattered around on the carpet.

* Jason finished up his first week of surgery and he really enjoyed it! He got to scrub into and help with an exploratory surgery. The person was bleeding and it was their job to find the leak and fix it...pretty difficult when the patient is unresponsive and getting worse with each passing second. He got to be in the operating room for all the surgeries that came through the ER this week but that was the only one he was able to help with. He got to see an individual with multiple stab wounds, one with internal bleeding and a few others that had been involved in motorcycle accidents.

* We helped the family plant a garden this weekend. We really enjoyed getting outside and doing some physical work! We both work indoors all week so getting outside is a nice change! We planted some herbs (cilantro, dill, parsley, rosemary, basil) and some vegetables (carrots, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes)

* I am blessed with an amazing husband! He woke up this morning, took care of the dogs and started cooking breakfast before I even realized he had gotten out of bed. He works so hard during the week so I wanted to spoil him with one of his favorite breakfast meals...biscuits and gravy. Well he decided that I needed spoiled so he started making breakfast! He's a much better cook that I give him credit for. He can definitely cook a mean breakfast!!
* Today was the first of many dust storms to blow through Bakersfield. We woke up this morning to some crazy winds but when I got out of the house this morning, I got to drive through the crazy winds.
It was so was so thick that you couldn't see the buildings that were down the road. The dust in the air has done a great job on our allergies. Neither one of us had allergies in Missouri, or if we did then they weren't that bad, but today we've gotten to experience allergies firsthand. Sneezing, running noses, dry eyes are just a few of our symptoms! Got to love to love Bakersfield! Our creeks around the apartment were full of pollen...the wind has caused a big mess today!

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Meant to be a mom said...

That garden is just beautiful. We just went to Lowes today to look at stones for a retaining wall we have to rebuild in our backyard. There are so many different kinds but it sure can get expensive. I really like the ones they used on that garden though.