Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Incredible Machine

About two months ago, we heard that Sugarland was going to be playing at a venue here in Bakersfield on their 'Incredible Machine' tour. We did a little research, loved the ticket prices and marked off our calendars for May 1. Well little did we know that a few weeks after we bought the tickets that we would get an updated call schedule and Jason would be on call May 2....going to a concert until 11pm and starting an on-call rotation at 5am the next morning don't really mix.
We were both pretty bummed but I couldn't imagine selling the tickets-Sugarland is one of my favorite bands-so I called up Desiree and asked if she wanted to go to the concert with. She just had baby Brooke a few weeks ago so she was definitely interested in a girls night out! We got there right on time...Vonda Shepard and Julainne Hough were the opening acts. They weren't the greatest but they were just there to occupy...we were there to see SUGARLAND! Once they got the stage cleaned up from the first acts, the lights went off and we got to hear Sugarland but only see their shadows....very cool!

The curtain dropped after a few lines into the song and we got to see the set. It was pretty awesome!

The concert was awesome! It was so much fun singing all the songs that I knew at the top of my lungs and dancing around like a crazy person, as if no one was around. They definitely put on a good show! After the concert, Sugarland is still one of my favorite bands!!

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