Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I've Caught the Bug

These past weeks have been pretty rough...I think I've caught a bug or something. I've been feeling the need to be maternal. I've officially caught the 'baby fever' bug...AGAIN. It seems like this bug hides in our couch cushions or something because it never fully goes away. It hits me a little harder on some days versus others and the past few weeks it has hit full force. We have both talked about adding to our family and we've decided that now is definitely not the right time. Clinicals are pretty rough and his first year of residency will be even worse, so waiting another year or so is top priority. Of course, if God decides to bless us with a little one then you won't hear any complaining!!
Well, the good news is that even though I won't be holding a little one of my own for awhile, I still have a little one to hold. Brooke was born three weeks ago and I think I've been to visit each week! She is the sweetest little girl...Jason was on call this past weekend so I volunteered my babysitting services to the new parents and they agreed! They were in the need for a night on the town and I was in need for some baby time! She was on her best behavior while Thane and Desiree were out...she didn't make a peep the whole evening. The 'baby fever' is slowing getting better! My weekly visits to Brooke are proving to be the perfect medication for this reoccurring fever.


Meant to be a mom said...

That will make anyone get baby fever, what a cute little girl :)

Laura and Steve said...

You got some great pics of her! She is adorable. :)

~Holly C~ said...

Ask them if you can take her for the night!!! That will really slow down your baby fever!!!