Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Day Weekend

Because of Memorial Day, both myself and Jason were able to enjoy a three day weekend and it was wonderful!! The weather this weekend couldn't have been better and we couldn't have enjoyed it anymore than we did. On Saturday, we packed in a full day of rest and relaxation. We were able to sleep in past 4:30am, spend the day at the pool, grill for lunch, take a much needed nap and laugh uncontrollably at our Mario Bros playing skills on the Wii. It was a great start to our weekend!
On Sunday we made reservations to head up the the mountains and go white water rafting. We left the house mid-morning and arrived excited and nervous to get in a river that was made by melted snow off the mountain tops.
Once we got to the rafting company and saw all the other rafters, we were pumped and ready to hit the rapids. We decided to do a moderate ride down the river called the Double Blitz. It had class I-IV rapids and it was for beginner/intermediate riders. Class I rapids are easy and Class V
rapids are the most extreme. We wanted to enjoy ourselves but not get ourselves in a scary situation on our first trip down the river. We got fitted for our helmets and our life jackets and loaded into bus to take us up the river. On the way up, the guide starts giving us tidbits of information for the trip. The river right now is about 40-45 degrees. Did I mention that we were the only ones out of 30 people to not rent the wetsuits?
We are suppose to be getting the pictures emailed to us from the other couples in our group so as soon as I get them then I will make a separate post with the pictures. I found a picture on their website...imagine that is us sitting in the front!
It was so much fun...I can't wait to go again! Next time, we'll try a little harder course!

Monday came WAY too fast so we decided to just hang out and rest again before the work week started up again. We started out the morning with a nice bike ride...Jason thought it was necessary to wash them before we started our ride.

We talked about our hopes and dreams for our family and as we passed houses and cars, we dreamed about our future home and cars. As Jason says, "If you don't have dreams, you'll have nothing to work for." So...we dreamed a lot during that two hour bike ride.
Once we got back, we headed to the pool to cool off. We hung out by the pool all afternoon until we felt it was time for a much needed nap. We loved hanging out all weekend +'s just what we needed! It was so much fun to hang out, talk and laugh constantly these past few days. I didn't realize how much I miss days/weekends like this! I'm so thankful that we got to have a wonderful work, no stress and no worries!

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