Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend wasn't too exciting but it was exactly what we needed! The weather was beautiful, 90 and not a cloud in the sky, so we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun.
Saturday morning started off with a trip to Costco to get a few things. We got a little distracted at these massage chairs...we just had to try them out!Jason obviously didn't want his picture taken sitting in a huge leather massage chair in the middle of Costco...doesn't he know that I blog regularly and I need pictures??
Once we were both settled in the massage chairs, his chair reclined all the way back so he was laying down and getting a massage. The foot rest squeezed and massaged our feet and legs while the chair took care of our booty, back, shoulders and head. I never figured out how to lay my chair all the way down, so I took a few more pictures of him! Ha--if he only knew! He put on his sunglasses so the lights weren't so bright...he actually dozed off for a little bit. Surgery must really be exhausting....falling asleep in a massage chair in the middle of Costco on a Saturday is not an easy task!
Saturday evening we headed to the car wash. The weather has been so unpredictable that we've put off cleaning our cars because we didn't want the rain to ruin our clean cars. Wouldn't you know that since we cleaned our cars on Saturday, the rain decided to make its presence on Monday. At least they were clean for a day! Well at the car wash, as we were vacuuming and cleaning my car out, I locked the keys in the car. Keys that look something like this were locked in the car at the car wash vacuum area on one of the most busiest days!Yes, I said it! Locking the keys in the car was partly my fault. Jason handed them to me as he parked the car and got out to dry it. I put them in the front seat because I didn't want to lose them in the shuffle of cleaning everything out of the car. I guess as I was cleaning the door, I accidentally hit the lock button. If you hit the lock button on the driver side door, then all the other doors lock and that's what I did. As soon as it happened, panic set in. Everything was inside the car...cellphones, wallet, keys and anything else that would be useful in getting our keys out. I walked across the street to a pharmacy to borrow their phone to call a locksmith. I couldn't find a locksmith that would answer their phone, so after about 15 different companies I gave up and called a tow truck. The tow truck said they could unlock our door and get the keys out. When I got back to the car wash, we couldn't help ourselves...we had to laugh. We really wanted to scream and get upset but the damage was done and all we could do is laugh. It was probably the highlight of the weekend. About 30 minutes later, the tow truck arrives, fiddles with the door for about 15 minutes and finally frees our keys.
Sunday we spent the day with Chip, Sue and Timothy. They came up late Saturday evening and we had a fun day of rest and relaxation planned for Sunday. After breakfast, croissant sandwiches (Jason's favorite), we put on our swimsuits, grabbed a book and made ourselves comfortable beside the pool. The only time we moved was to jump in the pool or to flip a page in our book....it was perfect!!
Our weekend couldn't have been better...well maybe without the part where I got a little frantic when the keys got locked in the car, but other than that the weekend was wonderful!
I do know one thing for sure--I'd lock my keys in my car and wait on a tow truck for 30 minutes every day if it meant that Jason and I could spend time together. I really dislike call schedules!!


Alissa Doherty said...

LOL....love this blog Ash! Classic!

camillestuartbeau said...

That's hilarious about the keys...glad y'all could laugh about it!