Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wife Of The Day Award

Anyone who knows my husband, knows that he can eat ALL the time. It's almost like he never gets full. We can literally have just eaten dinner and ten minutes later he is digging through the refrigerator. On Sunday, after being on call all weekend, he wasn't feeling quite himself. He had slept most of the day so his routine was really thrown off.
Well about 9:45pm, we decided to head to bed so we could start the week off well rested. Just as I'm about to close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep, Jason starts whining about how hungry he is. The conversation went something like this....
Jason (in his most sad voice ever)--I really hate going to bed on an empty stomach
Me(really trying to act like I'm asleep)--Uh huh
Jason--I'm so hungry I could eat everything in the kitchen
Me--Babe, if you are so hungry you should go grab something
Jason--I would love to go get some food but I don't want to disrupt the boys
Me(rolling over to see both the boys laying all over their daddy)--Argh! What would you like? I'll get you something
Jason(smiling his cute little smile)--I'll take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-more peanut butter than jelly with guacamole and my favorite chips
I know how hard Jason works for our family and how this past weekend kicked his butt so I had a little sympathy and made him dinner/midnight snack in bed at 10pm. I couldn't let my baby go to bed hungry, regardless how tired I was. He has had about half the sleep I've been able to enjoy the past few weeks, so I had a little sympathy for my favorite man!
So with all that said, I think I definitely deserve the Wife of the Day award!

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Chelsey said...

Do you ever! I'd have told my husband tough luck! Haha..