Friday, June 25, 2010

Another One Down....

Today was Jason's last day of surgery! Wait...what's that I hear? It's angels singing their Hallelujah song....H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H! The past three months have been rough, I'm not going to lie. He's been working such long hours, coming home exhausted, waking up super early and going to bed pretty much immediately after dinner. Despite the rough schedule, Jason has really enjoyed surgery. Because he has enjoyed it, I think for him the past few months went by faster than they did for me!
He likes doing hands on procedures and knowing that he helped someone that had major internal issues. After this rotation, he finally figured out what type of doctor he wants to be. He's decided that he'll be applying for anesthesia positions for his residency. He doesn't necessarily want to be the main surgeon but he enjoys the operating room and all the craziness that it contains.
So what's next for the doctor-to-be?? OB/GYN starts bright and early on Monday morning. No more green scrubs in the laundry...the new scrub color is purple.

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Monique said...

Hurray for different color scrubs ;)