Monday, June 28, 2010

Armpit Of California

Bakersfield is often referred to as the 'armpit' of California and after today I'm pretty sure I know why. I'm sure their can be several reasons for the nickname but I've generated some ideas of my own. The weather is officially summer weather, no question about it. It's been pretty mild but this week Mother Nature decided Bakersfield really needed to warm up. The sun is so intense that when you walk outside, the heat almost sucks your breath away from you. Just in the time I parked and walked inside, I had sweat all over my body, including my armpits. Armpits aren't all that exciting, some people even consider armpits to be discusting and dirty, hence Bakersfield's nickname. But after today I've decided that armpits are nothing more than a place that needs an extra round of deoderant to keep down the massive amount of sweat that forms throughout the day. Bakersfield in the summer equals a sweaty mess....the armpit of California.
Today the high was 111 degrees, after work around 6:00 it was 103 and tonight at 11:00 it's suppose to get down to 90. I can't believe how warm it can get in just a short amount of time. Just this weekend the weather was pretty and sunny but not unbearable, but today is a different story.
I'm determined to make the most out of our first summer in Bakersfield--air conditioning and swimming in the pool are MUSTS for this summer!! Bring it on...

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