Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Friends

When we first got our boys, I had no idea that they would be best little buddies. We had Bazzle for a year before we decided to get him a brother. When we first introduced them to each other, Bazzle couldn't stand his new little brother. Muzzy was a cuddler and everytime he would get by Bazzle, Bazzle would growl and move! It took a few weeks, even months, for them to get super friendly with each other and the rest is history. These two brothers love each other!
They take naps together during the day, chase each other like little mad men around the apartment, protect the house from pesky cats and follow each other everywhere. Muzzy admires his older brother...monkey see monkey do. I remember when we would fly back and forth to the island, Muzzy would cry in his carrier until I put him in Bazzle's carrier and then he was fine. They crack me up sometimes with the crazy things they do.
This morning was the boys' annual check-up at the vet and the best friends went together. I like taking them together because I feel like it keeps their nerves down a little...they go into freakout mode the second they walk in the front door. It's more difficult to take them together because they both want to be on my lap with their head hiding under my arm but we made it work. Other than Bazzle needing to go on a diet, they got great results from the vet!
These two fur balls are the sweetest little things. I know they will be best friends forever...something about that just makes me smile!


Alissa Doherty said...

They're so cute!!!! Andy really misses his little friend :)

A Wedding Story said...

They are so, so cute! Wow!