Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration

This year my birthday was extra special...a lot of people made sure that I had a wonderul birthday and I'm truly thankful! Friday evening, Steve and Laura put together a birthday get together with some friends. It was so nice getting the group together again for a fun evening. We grilled some burgers and sausages to go along with a yummy pasta salad with birthday cake, of course, for dessert.
The birthday cake was delicious...funfetti, my favorite! Thanks Laura and Steve for the perfectly placed, double layer cake with just the right amount of icing! It was delicious!Ignore the huge flame on the top of the cake. I guess that's what the candles do to a cake when someone is as old as me (and that was only 25 candles, instead of 26). Yikes! What will the cake look like when I'm 30, 40, or 50?It did take me two big breaths to blow out all the candles but I definitely could have done it in one...I just didn't want to spit all over the cake and ruin it for everyone! HahaThe Friday night celebration was perfect! I was so good getting everyone together again, well most everyone. There were a few on call but we made the best of it with everyone that was around. We have made some special friends on the island and I know that we will have plenty more fun times this summer and hopefully stay close in future years to come.
Sunday morning was part 2 of the birthday celebration. My mother-in-law planned a girl's day out! Jason wasn't able to get his call schedule changed so she decided that a girl's day would be perfect! I woke up early and excited to see what she had in store for us. Once I arrived at their house, I found out that we would be heading to the spa! Pampering is so much fun!
We drove a bit to a cute little town called, Ojai. The town had a very small and quaint feel to it. The buildings were all similar, being that they all had similar structures and colors. The spa was amazing! The building was an old house that had been turned into a spa-- decorated with tons of plants and flowers to give off a very relaxing feel. Once we checked in, we were taken to the back porch to soak our feet and drink hot tea. It wasn't just any kind of a foot soak but it was a relaxing foot soak with flower petals. The flower petals made the foot soak 10x better, trust me!Once our feet were soaked, we were taken to our rooms to begin the pampering.
A little bit of this....
Combined with these....
Made the best recipe for an afternoon filled with rest and relaxation! Amazing...that's all I can say! After our pamper sessions, we headed to lunch. Bodee's is the cutest little restaurant. It looks is the restaurant was built in the side of one of the many hills in Ojai. We sat outside on a patio deck right beside a pretty waterfall and surrounded by nature. The food was so topped off a great day!I had such a great day hanging out with Sue...I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law. She has been there for Jason and myself since day one--fully supportive, encouraging and a more than we could have asked for. I'm extremely grateful for a wonderful mother-in-law!
After lunch, I decided to make the journey back to Bakersfield. I had a few things that needed to be done before the work week started. Just as I was about to sit down and enjoy some dinner, I heard the tiniest knock on the door. Nadine, my neighbor, wanted to have a birthday celebration. She remembered my birthday and wanted to play. How could I turn down another birthday celebration??

We ate more marshmallows than I thought humanly possible in a three hour time frame and played as many games as we could fit in before dark. We played Candy Land, hula hoop, Go Fish and frisbee races. She won just about at every game, of course, but I gave them all my best shot. Playing outside with the neighbor kids was a great ending to a wonderful weekend. I think I may have a new best friend....

My weekend birthday celebration was wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better husband, family, friends, or neighbors to help me celebrate turning another year older. I'm a pretty fortunate TWENTY-SIX year old!

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Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, It looks like you had such a great birthday.
The spa! I'm so jealous!
I'm glad you had a great time :)