Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bringing The Heat

Last night went went to a Bakersfield Blaze baseball game with a few friends. The Blaze is a 'single A' baseball team for the Texas Rangers. Doesn't make sense to me to have a Texas league playing in California, but whatever. We got there, bought our tickets and when we walked in to find our seats we were taken back a little. The stadium was pretty small, I guess the $9 tickets should have been a pretty good indication, and there weren't that many people. I'm not really sure what we were expecting but it was a definite eye opener for the first little bit. Don't you just love the party patio? Regardless of the stadium size and lack of people, we were determined to have a good time. The game was actually pretty entertaining. It was fun to watch the different fans from Bakersfield and from Visalia, the opposing team, yell back and forth across the stadium cheering for their favorite players. In between innings, the stadium tried to keep the crowd involved and interested with fun games and pictures with the mascot. I even got a special picture with Heater, the Blaze's mascot. It was a pretty warm evening so whoever was inside that outfit was definitely earning their money! Shortly after our picture, Heater started throwing out t-shirts. I may or may not asked my furry friend to toss a shirt in my direction...either way, I caught a t-shirt! Of course I had to model it the exact instant that I caught it! I was pretty excited, as if you can't tell by my face!The Bakersfield Blaze ended up beating the Visalia Rawhide 4-3. The game was a great Bakersfield experience. It was different than any other baseball game than we've been to but we enjoyed ourselves! I'm so glad that we got to enjoy our first Blaze game with some great friends.

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