Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Tuesday!

I'm back to marking days off the calendar because we have some pretty big things coming up. I love seeing the weeks go by, especially when we have some things we are looking forward to.
Jason takes the STEP 2 CS (1st of the two STEP 2 exams) on June 18th so any free time has resulted in him studying for his exam. The exam consists of him examining 10-12 different 'patients' while taking a proper history, recording the information correctly and then diagnosing the problem. The test is about 8 hours so he's going to be sick and tired of patients and history taking after next weekend--Ha!
After this week, Jason will only have two more weeks in surgery. He has definitely enjoyed his time in the operating room but he's ready for a change of scenery and a change of pace. The scenery will definitely be updated--he'll be in a six week OB/GYN rotation but, unfortunately, the pace will be about the same. I'm just excited that he'll be delivering sweet little babies and coming home to share all the details of his day with me over dinner. I'm also a little excited that he'll be wearing blue scrubs instead of the green scrubs. Not sure why but the different departments in the hospital have different scrub colors, but they do! I'm tired of seeing green scrubs in the laundry basket, so the blue scrubs will be a nice change for me! After 12 weeks, we're both ready for a change!
Next week I will be helping out at California State University Bakersfield's Reading Camp. Our organization is partnering with the campus to promote literacy and I'm going to be one of the teachers for the young readers. The reading camp will be for grades 1st-6th and only for half a day in the morning...so much fun! I'm super excited, I've missed the classroom more than I thought I would. For those of you just checking in, I was an aid for a 4th grade class when we lived on the island.

Those are just a few of the things we are looking forward to in the upcoming weeks. It's crazy that is is already June...time is flying by! We've almost lived in California for a year!

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