Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letters And Envelopes

Now that we've finally gotten into July, I'll have a different routine until the first of August. The office closes down each July because the number of students and tutors drastically decreases. They stop tutoring because of vacations and other things that come up during the summer. It costs quite a bit for electricity in the extreme weather of Bakersfield so we just decided to work from home in July. Since my job description is to coordinate programs and organize sites with students/tutors and there aren't any students and tutors around, I've been given another job.
We organize two bulk mailings each year, each with about 3,000 letters or invitations, and I'm responsible for getting each of the mailings together. The mailings require a lot of space, multiple boxes and a lot of time. My poor apartment!

I can't stand my apartment with boxes and envelopes thrown all over it but right now we don't have any other option. I have to have everything spread out so I can get it all organized. I guess the mailing mess thrown all over the house is great motivation for me to get these bulk mailings done and processed.

I have a feeling that I will work extra long hours to ensure this mess gets cleaned up sooner than later.

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