Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minty Fresh

Last week when I took the boys to the vet, she informed me that their teeth were pretty rough. Bazzle had two broken teeth and Muzzy had a lot of plaque build-up on a few of his main teeth. I've been putting off any sort of dental cleaning because it's expensive, it seems crazy to have dental work done on a dog and because all the procedures have to be done while they are knocked out. Well after hearing all the crazy issues that can occur due to lack of dental hygiene, I made the appointment. I dropped both my sweet boys off early this morning before work and was thinking about my boys all day at work. When I got off of work this afternoon, I rushed to pick up my babies.
The doctor came and talked to me about each of their procedures...
Bazzle's two broken teeth were worse than we thought. One had a serious infection and the other one had an exposed nerve. Definitely not enjoyable for him so she pulled both of them. He did great during the procedure but he's on pain medicine and antibiotics for the next week. He was pretty sore and tired when he got home...he just wanted to sleep! Muzzy's teeth weren't as dirty as she had predicted. He needed them cleaned but they didn't take as long to clean as she anticipated. Because Muzzy has a few health issues (seizures, liver disease) they left him on his IV right up until I got there to pick them up. Once they heard me talk, they started their whining. They were ready to go home...they were tired of being locked up in a cage with needles in their little legs. He still had his little bandage on his leg and I had to snap a few pictures...he looked so pitiful! I'm so glad today went smoothly and with no complications. I missed my sweet boys! I even let them give me a few kisses, especially since their breath was minty fresh! We will definitely be trying to get into a routine where we brush their teeth on a weekly basis...I don't want to go through all this again!

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Holly said...

That is too cute! I love their little bandages. Curly needs her teeth cleaned too. I do brush them every now and then. She can get horrible breath