Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sometimes It's The Smallest Things!

I'm reminded, almost daily, of the reason that I'm working at a non-profit in the education field when my background is in health care...God has a few things that he wants me to learn!
Today I listened in on a tutoring session which consisted of a group of adults that are reading at a 4th grade level. One of the women in the group is partially deaf and the tutor was finding it difficult to speak loudly to explain the lesson. Another one of the students took the initiative and scooted closer to her and began explaining the parts that she missed from the tutor. The woman looked at the other student and just started beaming...sometimes it's the smallest things!
We have monthly items that we ask of the community, our students and our tutors. The clientele that we deal with is not in the best financial situations but a lot of them feel the need to thank the council for reaching out to them and helping them. Last month was toilet paper...I know sounds a little petty but supplies are a large expense for the organization! One of our students brought in $2 and explained that she couldn't get to the store this week because she didn't have a ride but at the dollar store down the street we could buy 8 rolls of toilet paper for the month. She has so little but gives so much...sometimes it's the smallest things! Our waiting list right now is 37, which means that it could be a few months before a student is placed with a tutor. I was able to place a young, single mother with a tutor a few weeks ago and she started cheering. I could hear a big lump in her throat when I told her that I had a tutor for her and if she would have been where I could have seen her, I'm sure she would have had tears in her eyes too. She was so excited...she went and bought a new backpack and a fun, girly folder for her homework. She left her first tutoring session smiling from ear to ear. Her tutor gave her homework and she was excited to get home and work on it. She had someone that believed in her...sometimes it's the smallest things!
Note: The pictures are just a few of our students and tutors that came into the building for tutoring. I snuck a few pictures...they aren't the ones that I referred to in the post.

Sometimes it's the smallest thing that mean the most and I'm witness to this everyday at work. I have one of the most rewarding jobs and I'm so fortunate to be in a position where I can be involved in changing lives. I know without a doubt that I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be!

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