Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strut Your Stuff

Yesterday afternoon, the boys and me packed up and drove to the coast to spend Father's Day weekend with the in-laws. We wanted to spend the weekend with the family and we had a few things planned. Friday night was ladies night out...we went to "The First Annual Runway for Life Fashion Show." The Fashion Show was a fundraiser that was put on by a local cancer center along with a bariatric doctor/surgeon. The models were patients from either one or both of these offices. They were obesity and cancer survivors and they were definitely confident and strutting their stuff. They had all lost over 100 pounds and a some had fought off breast cancer and been in remission for years. Their stories were so encouraging and uplifting. It was fun to cheer them on as they proudly walked out on the runway.
The models modeled three different looks---active wear, casual wear and evening wear. They were able to go and find outfits to model during the fashion show, regardless of the price tags. It was fun to see each of the outfits that were chosen from the different stores.
Here are a few pictures from each of the different looks....
By the end of the fashion show, I was so motivated to make my health a priority. Healthy eating, exercise will definitely be introduced back into our lives. It's easy to get relaxed, especially when schedules are so crazy but I now have a new source of motivation. I hope each of the models continue living healthy and continue to be cancer free. The Fashion for Life fashion show was a huge success in my book....and so was our girls night out! Life is too short to not strut your ladies, get to strutting!

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