Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today is the wedding day that I talked about here for two very special couples. We were extremely torn between the two weddings because one was in Pennsylvania (our cousin) and one was in Missouri (on friends) on the EXACT SAME DAY. Well, unfortunately we weren't able to make either of the weddings due to scheduling conflicts--we weren't able to get off of work...bummer!
Just because we weren't at the weddings doesn't mean that we didn't think of the two couples all day. I kept looking at the clock and adding the necessary hours for the different time zones and imagining what part of the wedding was happening. We are so happy for both of the newly married couples! Thank goodness for friends and family that texted pictures! I loved hearing my phone go off because I knew I had another picture to look at! I'm so glad someone posted pictures on Facebook because I could steal a few pictures for the least, until better pictures are posted!

Congratulations to the two couples! We wish them years and years of happiness...

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