Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Another Day At The Vet.....

Yesterday when I got home from camp, I noticed Muzzy was licking his little behind like a crazy man. He wouldn't stop licking so I decided to lift up his tail to make sure he didn't have a bug sting or something. To my surprise, it was much worse than a bug bite. He had a huge cyst like knot on his booty that looked extremely painful. I had an appointment with the internet man but the second he left, I called the vet. By the time I got off the phone, the cyst had ruptured and he was leaking stuff all over the house. All I could do was panic, panic, panic. I'll save all the pictures and nasty details but he went immediately to the vet as soon as they said he could fit into their schedule.
When I walked into the office, the vet assist took a peak at his booty and said that he had an abcessed anal glad. Bazzle had one of these, or something similar, a few months ago but it was not even close to the size of Muzzy's. She said that he had gotten so bad that she would have to knock him out, scrap out the gland with a special tool, flush it out with peroxide and send him home with some antibiotics. YIKES! How could I have not seen this earlier-before it got so bad? I take them on their walks every morning and I didn't notice anything yesterday on our walk but by noon the nasty gland was in full view.
Ok, ok--enough of the gross details. Muzzy had his procedure and he's feeling a little tender but he's doing much better. His new favorite place is under the kitchen table...he doesn't want anyone touching or messing with his sore booty.

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