Friday, July 2, 2010

Love To Read!

Roadrunner reading camp has been a huge success. We have successfully completed three weeks and we have three days next week and then camp will be over. My students that I work with have done great these past few weeks and I can really see a huge difference in their reading skills from the assessment we gave them the first day. For a field trip, we took the class to the pond on campus so they could see all the fish, frogs, turtles and all the other things that they would love. After the tour, of course, we had them write about what they saw in their journals. For some reason they loved writing in their journal about the fighting that post! There was a bridge by the pond so it was a perfect picture opportunity! Look at the cuties...
If you look closely, they are screaming 'WE LOVE TO READ!' for their picture.

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