Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OB/GYN Update

It's been awhile since I've updated on the future doctor. Notice how a lot of the pictures that I post are of Jason sleeping. These long hours wipe him out! He's currently in his OB/GYN clinical core rotation. He's got two weeks left out of the six weeks total and he couldn't be more excited! He's not enjoying this rotation as much as he's enjoyed the previous rotations and I thought it would be just the opposite. I couldn't wait to hear the wonderful delivery stories and everyday when he'd get home I'd ask him all the details throughout his day. At first it was all about the yucky part of being an OB doctor but after about a week into his rotation, he got to do his first delivery. He said it took about 10 minutes once the patient started pushing and the baby was out. No bells. No whistles. I guess it wasn't all sweet and emotional, like I had kept thinking it would be, he was on the other end and he wasn't impressed. Ha! The hospital that Jason works at is a county hospital so the population that he sees isn't the greatest. He does have some great stories that have opened his eyes--some not appropriate for the blog! I love hearing about every tiny aspect throughout his day...I'm addicted to his hospital stories!
After he gets home from the hospital (when he's not resting his eyes), he's studying. He takes two clinical shelf exams on Friday--Surgery and OB/GYN and then he's off all weekend. It's crazy to think that core rotations are close to being completed and then he'll be doing his elective rotations. He might be moving across the country for a few of his rotations...we'll have to see what the near future holds for our family.

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Monique said...

Ok, just reading about this schedule is exhausting. I can't imagine the stories he comes home with... I'd be looking forward to them also :)