Friday, July 23, 2010

Quirky Personalities

I didn't realize how many quirky traits Jason and myself possess. Just recently I've been picking up on the smallest things, craziest things, that we do.
Jason's quirks:
1. Using a brand new pencil before each and every exam. If he takes three exams during the day, then he will have three pencils that have never been sharpened. His logic is that the new pencils have never made a mistake and he likes that feeling going into an exam.
2. Washing cars, inside and out, each weekend. He refuses to make any plans or go anywhere until the cars have been cleaned to his liking. One of the first things we had to buy when we moved was a bucket, a sponge and all the extra things needed to clean the cars. Who needs furniture or stuff in our apartment when we can have super clean cars?!
3. Making the bed first thing in the morning. Most mornings (not when he gets up at 4am) but he will have me get up and lay on the couch so he can make the bed. He definitely likes to have his bed made, which is good because I could go weeks without making the bed.
4. Freaking out over anyone cutting or filing their nails. Anytime I get the clippers out to trim the dogs nails or start filing my nails, he has to go in a different room and turn the TV up loud. He gets grossed out by the sound of nails getting clipped or filed.
5. Reading the same magazines over and over. I swear, he has some magazines from over a year ago. I try to throw them out when he's at work but he's has them numbered or something. He knows what articles are in each magazine. He's slowly getting better at not having so many but he's not happy about throwing them away.

Ashley's quirks:
1. Picking up pennies when they are tail side up. I don't know how many times I glance down and find a penny on tails and no one stops to pick it up. No superstitions's still a penny!
2. Refusing to allow multiple half eaten bags of chips and half bags of cereal to be in the cabinet. One bag or box must be eaten before a new bag or box is opened.
3. Not being able to stop reading a book mid-chapter, regardless of how tired I am. I have to get to the end of the chapter before I will allow myself to put the bookmark in the book and lay the book on the nightstand.
4. Cannot stand for my food on my plate to touch. If I know that something will run into something else, like beans or salad dressing, then it gets it's very own plate. I'm slightly grossed out by my food touching.
5. Washing dishes IMMEDIATELY after I cook dinner. No letting them soak or sit in the sink until I eat dinner. They need to be washed and dried before I can sit down and have a relaxing dinner.

It's kind of funny to pick out each other's quirky behaviors...we definitely have some odd ones. I'm so glad that we both have some crazy traits because it doesn't make mine seem all so bad.
I love all our quirky personalities...they add just the right amount of spice to our lives!


Meant to be a mom said...

Hah your quirks are so fun.

I love that your hubs likes the bed made. My hubby and I are so bad about that.

And I'm not going to lie. I don't usually pick up pennies on tails. Ha, I know its so silly.

Kelsey Claire said...

I was in a training and a girl started clipping her nails in the middle of it. Everyone knew because there is such a distinct sound. Your hubby would not have been happy!

~*Holly*~ said...

Haha That is cute Ashley! Andrew is anal too about his magazines. I ask him every now and then to go through them and throw a few away. He then has to sit and re read each one and then winds up throwing out maybe 2. He has sooo many. Some still have our address from Louisville on them.