Friday, July 30, 2010


It seems like everyday is filled with a different, random adventure. Welcome to my life! Enjoy some randomness on this FABULOUS FRIDAY....
Yesterday on my way to LA, everything was going smoothly and all of a sudden I see orange cones lining the lanes. Not one set of cones, but two. Well I just thought they were outlining the different lanes...maybe they were painting lines or something? Well, no! They were actually blocking the street. The police officer came up to my window and proceeds to ask me if I saw the cones. I saw the cones but followed the car in front of me and thought if the street was closed there would be a huge sign that said CLOSED or something a little more obvious. Well I guess they thought the 12 bright neon colored cones were enough...but not for me! I had to turn around and try to find my way to the interstate. Definitely a small detour for me early yesterday morning. I guess I need to be a little more observant...Opps! This is the picture after I turned can sortof see the first set of cones!Somehow in the process of sleeping and getting ready yesterday, I scratched my face. Not only one scratch going across my cheek but TWO! They aren't just small little marks either...they cover a lot of my right cheek. I honestly have no idea what I did to my face by the scratches are deep enough to feel them when I rub my cheek. OUCH! Last night when we were watching TV in bed, we came across a channel that was offering a chance to see the Canadian Tenors. Oh my goodness...these men could definitely sing! We were actually enterained for awhile when all of a sudden, they started asking for donations. All of a sudden the screen changes from the men singing to this....WHAT?! A $100 DVD of these singers sounds a little ridiculous! I mean, these guys are good but are they really $100 good? I can think of a lot of things that I can spend $100 on..YIKES! We were cracking up at their prices so I had to snap a quick picture. Don't worry though, if you wanted 2CDs along with a DVD, then it could be yours for only $200! Crazy Candadian Tenors!

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