Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

It's crazy that this is the last week in July. Where has the summer gone? Enjoy some tidbits from the Conway family on this Tuesday...
  • It's officially wildfire season--the intense heat combined with the lack of water has created a monster. About an hour and a half from our apartment, there was a huge wildfire that consumed people's homes and forced others to evacuate.
  • Where did the whole month of July go? It seems unreal that I've been working from home the past four weeks and starting Monday my routine will be changing. I'm excited to be getting into my old routine but I must admit...sleeping in and watching all the TV I can possibly watch during my bulk mailing filled days have been pretty nice!!
  • Jason was on call yesterday and was suppose to get off at 11pm but after a hectic evening, the residents asked him to stay the night. I was a little bummed when he called and said he wasn't coming home...I love having him beside me at night! I know it comes with the territory but I'm slowly learning to deal with the idea that he's at the beckoned call of his patients.
  • Little did we know that by him being on call on the OB floor last night that he would get to fully deliver a baby....all by himself. Once his patient starting pushing, Jason became the man in charge. He delivered a little boy, Armando, last night to a very excited couple. He was pretty pumped that he got to do EVERYTHING! Maybe he's coming around to the whole 'having a baby' idea....one can hope!
  • On Thursday I'm heading to LA to hang out with a friend that is in town from Missouri. She's on a TV show called "Chance to Dance" with her dancing group. I'm excited to hang out with her and hear all about her crazy rehearsals and fittings for the fun costumes they will wear during their competition.
  • My mom is in the Bahamas this week! I can't wait till she gets back so I can hear all about her beach/sun/fun filled days. A week with no daily phone calls with mom is rough!
  • Shark week starts on Monday...woo!! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time :)

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Kelsey Claire said...

Today at lunch my mom and I talked about how quick July went! Oh my goodness. That is really exciting your hubby got to deliver a baby all by himself. What a miracle!