Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Visit With Some Superstars

Today I went to Los Angeles to visit with some Missouri friends that were in town for a game show. They were on the game show on CMT called "Chance to Dance" for a chance to win $10,000 and man, did they get the star treatment. They got a totally free trip (airfare, hotel, food) to LA for a week. The week was packed full of rehearsals, hair and makeup, and then the shooting of the actual show. The show brings unexperienced dancers (groups and/or solos) and allows them to perform a routine for the audience. The audience will then vote on the different performances and the highest score will win the money! They had such a great time...but have to keep all the details a secret until their episode is aired on TV. We are hoping they make their big TV debut in September. I'll keep an eye on the TV guide and when I see their episode, I'll let ya know!
Well I couldn't let them come to all the way to California and not go visit them and show them around Los Angeles. For a lot of the group, the trip to LA was their first time on a plane so I wanted to show them as much as I could! Our first stop was Hollywood Blvd so they could see the Kodak Theatre, all the celebrity stars along the sidewalk and all the other things they could snap a picture of along the path. Unfortunately, my little car wouldn't hold the whole group of 6 but we made the most out of the situation. It was so fun watching them get all excited about certain stars along the sidewalk and take tons of pictures along Hollywood Blvd.

After we left Hollywood Blvd, they wanted to see Chinatown and the Santa Monica pier. We didn't stop at Chinatown because we were running late so we just drove through and headed to the beach.

It was a fun packed day! I had so much fun hanging out with the was so nice to see a familiar face in California. I'm anxiously awaiting their performance to air on CMT so I can see the results of their hardwork.

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