Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It'sParty Time...Again!

This is the last birthday party post for awhile...I think. All three of us girls at the office have had birthdays in the last two months, so it's been party central around the office. Lisa's birthday is Thursday but Donna will be out of town so we decided that today would be perfect for a birthday celebration!
I spent a good part of my evening last night making molten chocolate cupcakes, a recipe that I found on the Betty Crocker website. Nothing better than a chocolate cupcake with an ooey gooey chocolate center and topped with chocolate frosting help celebrate! I made sure that they were iced and ready to go last night...I had to leave super early this morning because I needed to decorate the office and get everything ready before Lisa got to work. Decorating was so much fun! I loved scattering the confetti and getting everything just perfect! Once Lisa got to work, she put on her boa, her tiara and her light up ring! Yes, she had to wear everything so no one questioned who the birthday girl was! She was decked out from head to toe with hot pink birthday goodies.
Of course we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some cupcakes with our students/tutors but that wasn't enough! We decided that on our lunch break we would go to Dewar's, a super yummy icecream parlor, and enjoy their famous sundae.

I love that our office really takes the time to make each person feel special on their birthday. Everyone should have a day where it's all about them!! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Review

  • Chip and Sue came to visit Friday evening and Saturday. We haven't seen the two of them in Bakersfield since early July, so a visit was way overdue. Dinner for Schmucks and PF Changs were top on the agenda!! It was so nice to see them and to update them on everything that has been going on! Family visits are always nice.
  • I got to witness Jason in action on Saturday morning. We were driving along when we noticed an older man sitting on the bridge of an overpass with his feet dangling off the edge. We drove past at first, but then that scene really started bothering Jason. We flipped the car around and pulled up beside this gentleman. Jason handled the situation so calm and professional. I was flipping out! I wanted that man off the overpass and IMMEDIATELY. The man was covered in bandages (possibly just released from the hospital) and he was very unstable. We were able to get him off the edge before we called 911. We explained the situation to them and Jason felt that the gentleman was in need of a psych evaluation. The man said he was 'thinking of doing something' as he watched cars drive under the bridge where his feet were dangling. It was such a scary situation but I was so proud of the way Jason handled the situation...maybe all the hospital work is starting to pay off!
  • I finished Mockingjay, the third and final book in the Hunger Games series. I couldn't get my nose out of those pages...it was so good.
  • Not only was I addicted to my book this weekend but I've found a new game on my iPhone that I can't get enough of. Word with Friends is scrabble type of game that can be played with other people that have the app on their phone. I have like 15 games going right now...I think I might have a small problem.
  • I found out over the weekend that a presentation that I gave in July was a success. The Zonta club loves what our organization is doing and they felt like I was able to answer all their questions so they have promised their funds raised from their next event to go to us!! I'm not a fan of public speaking AT ALL but it turned out to be a pretty successful presentation!
  • The weather this weekend cooled down drastically! The high on Saturday was 80...slightly cooler from the 112 that we saw late last week. Fall will be here before we know it!!
  • We got an itinerary this weekend from our besties, an itinerary that has them flying into California!!! Andy and Alissa are coming to visit us in November!! We are so excited to hang out with them again!! It stinks being so far away from them and I hope once residency rolls around we are able to be a little closer!! The countdown to November 19th starts NOW!

30 Day Blog Journal--Future Dreams

Today is the last day of the 30 Day Blog...crazy! I can't believe that I was able to blog every day during the month of August!
What are your future dreams?
Dreams are so much fun! I love analyzing our life now and building it up to imagine what our life will be like in the next 10 years. I know that my dreams might not match up with God's plans but it's still so much fun to try and bring our dreams into a reality.
For the future, I dream of loving my husband more and more everyday! I'm still so crazy about my man and I hope that the passion and the love continues growing over the years.
I dream of having children that look 'just like their dad' but have some of their mom's spunk. Children are such a blessing and I look forward to the day where God blesses our family!
I dream of getting up bright and early on Sundays to get our family ready for church.
I dream of raising my children in a Godly home where they accept Jesus as their Savior.
I dream of being closer to family...nothing can compare to days filled with family time.
We dream of building a house on a farm (just on the outskirts of town--not out in the middle of nowhere) where we can have a vegetable garden and a John-Deere tractor.
I dream of watching the sunset from my back porch, while I'm cuddled up on our porch swing with Jason.

Dreams...so much fun!! I could go on forever about our dreams for the future. A lot of times I forget about the present because I'm so busy looking towards the future. I'm so thankful for the life that God has given us TODAY, we are truly blessed!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Hopes, Dreams, Plans

What are my hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days?
This is such a fun question...it really got me thinking about what I want for Jason, myself and our family in the next year. I can't wait to go back and read these after the next 365 days to see how our plans differ from God's plans.
I hope Jason is able to get into the residency of his choice. He deserves to have his dream career.
We're planning on extended our family in the next year. We are hoping to start this amazing journey as soon as we have a little more stability. We'll see what God's plans are for our family!!
I hope to settle into our new state, city, home without too many bumps in the road.
I dream about buying a new house that we can make our own!
Jason plans on doing a little more hunting (it's been 2+ years) in his 'downtime'--if 'downtime' will even exsist during his first year of residency.
We are planning some exciting trips! San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemite, Europe, St. Maarten, Missouri and anywhere else that we can fit into our schedules!
Bazzle dreams of having a big back yard that he can run around in. He dreams of sniffing and searching every inch and grass and marking it with his special scent.
Muzzy dreams of eating meat again! Filet Mignon and beef soaked raw hides are some of his favorite food dreams, unfortunately veggies do not play a role in his dreams.
I plan on paying of my student loans SIGNIFICANTLY! I'm so glad that I successfully completed my Master's degree but I'm not happy with the amount of money that it required!
I hope, dream and plan on living a positive, influential, fulfilling, Christian life!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Day blog Journal--My Purse

What's in my purse?
My purse is pretty bare. I don't carry too much in my purse because I can't stand digging in my purse for something that has managed to get lost in all the unneeded junk. I carry the necessities but I always have extra room. The extra room is super useful when trying to sneak candy into the movie theatre or when taking a sweater when we go out to eat.
My purse has the following goodies stuffed inside:
wallet--filled with debit card, credit cards, Costco card, Vons/Albertson's preferred card, picture of my niece and nephew and all the receipts from the past month.
checkbook--it doesn't get used all that much but I still carry around for emergency situations
chapstick--2 or 3 tubes! I can NEVER have too many tubes of chapstick
mace--secretly hidden in my side zipper
sunglasses--can't hardly see outside without my RayBans
camera--ALWAYS thinking of the blog

Speaking of purses...I think it's about time that I upgraded for fall/winter. I think a new purse is in my future!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--My Worst Habit

Well...I'd like to say that I don't have any habits but then I'd be lying! I have two habits that are absolutely horrible! I'm even embarrassed to type them in this post but as bad as they are, I still can't stop myself from doing them.

Extremely bad habit #1: I bite my nails. Gross, huh? I bite my nails so much that my fingers are almost always red and I usually have a few nails that are so nawed off that my nubs are bleeding. Disgusting, I know!! When I'm nervous, bored, scared or any other emotion that would require my hands to go near my mouth, I bite, bite and bite some more until there is nothing left to bite off. It such a disgusting habit! I've actually gone months without biting my nails...but the second I give in to the first bite, the self-control is down the drain. I'm pretty sure I've tried just about everything to make myself stop...fire hot fingernail polish that burns your mouth, thinking of all the germs that are on my hands and weekly manicures with pretty polish. NONE of that stuff has worked...UGH!

Extremely bad habit #2: I twist my hair. I do this almost 24 hours a day! I started doing this when I was young, like 5 or 6. My beautician told me when I was younger that the twisting would get so bad that all my hair would fall out...here I am 20 years later, head full of hair and still twisting my hair. It's almost worse than biting my nails because people pick up on it more often.

I'm really focusing on trying to slow down on the nail biting and the hair twisting! I've told Jason to point it out to me when I'm in the middle of twisting my hair or biting my nails. We'll see how long I can appreciate his help and not get upset at him for pointing out my flaws...haha!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--My Week In Detail

What does your week look like, in detail?
Monday through Thursday look all the same as my day in detail. I work from home on Friday (such a nice perk) so my routine changes up a bit.
Friday: I wake up...when I've had enough of the boys scratching on the covers. They love getting up at 6:30, eating and then going for their morning walk! I on the other hand prefer to sleep in a little later! Once I'm awake and the boys have been medicated, fed and walked, I start the house cleaning and the laundry. I love doing laundry on Friday because I can do a load and then do some office work while I'm waiting for it to be done. It makes the laundry seem so much more doable. As far as my hours that I need to get in for my 'PAID' work, I usually have phone calls, Excel sheets, programs to expand and anything else I can think of that needs done before Monday. Friday is just a relaxed, do as I want kind of day. I don't really have a set schedule. Friday is usually our night to go out to dinner. We started the Friday night dinner on the island with our besties, Andy and Alissa, and we seem to be keeping up the tradition (even though they are in Michigan)
Saturday: We always try to do something non-work/school related on the weekend, whether it's grill and swim, go to the coast or go to a roller derby match. We both love exploring and soaking in all the sights California has to offer. A nap is usually a definite activity that is on the Saturday schedule. I'm a big napper...absolute love a good nap!
Sunday: Our morning is very quiet and relaxed. Church service is at 9:15 or 11:00, depending on what time we feel like going, so we try and enjoy the morning together before church. We usually grill and enjoy the pool for a bit during the afternoon. Jason loves to take his study books out by the pool, it makes studying seem a little more feasible. Once 4:00pm rolls around, we start getting ready for Monday. We usually have to make a grocery store run because we're out of something that is needed for our lunches. We usually spend the evening cuddled up on the couch and watching TV. We don't usually watch too much TV during the week, unless we are in bed, so we get in as much as we can on Sunday!!

*I warned you yesterday that we are both pretty boring. Our daily/weekly routine isn't too exciting!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Love To Party!

This week was Donna, the Executive Director's, 60th Birthday. I love having parties and making people feel special...so she was next on the 'party' agenda! We had so much fun decorating the office and getting ready for her birthday! Lisa, the administrative assistant, was in charge of the decorations and I was in charge of the cupcakes and the balloons. We had to come into the office super early so we could make sure everything was just perfect before she arrived. Here are a few pictures from the birthday party we had at the office earlier this week!The crazy glasses and the feather boa crack me up! I think it's safe to say she had a wonderful 60th birthday celebration. All the students and tutors enjoyed helping her celebrate her special day and helping her eat the yummy birthday cupcakes!

30 Day Blog Journal--My Day in Detail

What does your day look like, in detail?
My day really isn't all that interesting...I wish I had an exciting routine for me to write about!
Here is a detailed look into my day....
6:30am-- alarm goes off. I immediately get up and get Muzzy his medicine. I split his pill with the splitter and then put the pill in a yummy scoop of ice cream. It's hard to find something that can hide his pill without using meat! Ice cream works perfectly!
6:40am--the boys get their morning food. While they eat, I pack my lunch. It's usually a lunchmeat sandwich, baby carrots, chips and a piece of fruit. Something easy and quick to throw in my bag!
6:45am--we head out for our morning walk. We walk around our apartment complex (about 1 mile) with the boys. I love our morning walk, especially now that Jason is home, because it's a nice start to the day. I love holding hands and talking about everything and nothing all at the same time.
7:00am--we get back from our walk. I turn CMT on the TV...I love listening to music when I get ready. I pick out my clothes and head to the bathroom to shower.
7:15am--I'm done showering. I lather up with lotion, get dressed and start blow drying my hair. Makeup, perfume and the last minute details are completed before I step out of the bathroom.
7:45am--I'm walking out the door for work. I grab my lunch, my phone, my purse, kiss Jason and my boys and I'm out the door.
8:05am--arrive at work. The drive to work, about 13 miles, isn't all that bad but since school just started back up traffic is starting to get a little worse. I talk to my mom almost the whole drive and that makes the drive SO much better! I'm usually the first one to the office so I unlock the door, turn off the alarm system, pick up the newspapers from outside and put inside for our students, make coffee, water the flowerbeds, turn on all the air conditioners and then get started on my daily emails and messages.
9:00am--the office officially opens. Once our students and tutors come to the office for their tutoring sessions, my demand goes up. I'm in charge of all the students and tutors so if they have a concern or need new material, then I'm the one that gets to assist with their issues.
10:00am--my belly starts growling. I pull out my Tupperware and warm up a package of oatmeal for breakfast. I'm not a big eater right when I wake up so I always pack breakfast and eat it at my desk. Every morning...day after day....oatmeal is what I eat for breakfast.
12:00pm--we lock up the office for our lunch break. Because we are a non-profit, we have strict rules that we have to follow as a safey precaution. No one can be in the building during our 'closed' time. No one before 9:00am and no one from 12-1 on our lunch break. I grab my lunch out of the refrigerator and we all go and sit in the conference room. I love sitting together and eating our lunch...we share a lot of personal stories.
1:00pm--we unlock the door and I get started on my afternoon work. I do a lot of phone calls, site visits and program development. I stay pretty busy with our 50 sites and our 3,000 students!
2:30pm--I'm usually getting a little stir crazy so I get up and play a round or two of Scrabble. We have a community Scrabble board in our front lobby so I try to add my words to the game.
4:00pm--the office closes. I turn off the air conditioners, shut off the lights and lock the doors. There's usually two of us at closing to help do the closing checklist. I usually head home unless I have a meeting or a training to teach.
4:30pm--walk in the door, kick off my shoes, kiss my hubby and change into workout clothes. I usually lay around in my comfy workout clothes until 5:30pm.
5:30pm--we start our workout. We usually either go for a run and do an ab/shoulders/triceps routine or we do Insanity. I'm not going to lie...I dread 5:30pm! I hate working out but I love how I feel after I've had a good workout.
6:30pm--we jump in the shower (or sometimes we cheat and jump in the pool) to cool off from our workout. After the shower, we start making dinner. We usually make something that can be grilled. Jason will go and grill and I'll make everything else.
7:00pm--we usually sit down for dinner. Sometimes dinner doesn't take too long to cook so it's a little before 7:00.
8:00pm--the dinner mess gets cleaned up and the kitchen gets cleaned and put back to the way it was before we started cooking. Once everything is straightened up, then I sit down and enjoy some computer time. Jason has been studying a lot so I'll get on the computer, read a book or get invited to play outside with Saaj.
10:00pm--I'm ready for bed. Teeth get brushed, blankets on the couch get folded, doors get locked and the air conditioner gets set a few degrees cooler. Jason always has to watch TV before he goes to sleep so we'll turn on the TV (I make him set the timer, just in case we fall asleep). Right before we get ready to fall asleep, I kiss Jason good night and roll over!
The rest is history..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Where I live

Where do you live?
Well, about a year ago we packed up and moved from a small town(30,000 people) and headed to sunny California. We moved to Bakersfield, California (400,000 people) last September so Jason could complete his clinical rotations. Before w
e moved, we heard horror stories of Bakersfield. It's so hot there! You'll be out in the middle of nowhere! The armpit of California?
Once we got here, we realized it wasn't half as bad as we were anticipating. Just about everything we heard about Bakersfield is true. It's extremely hot here and we're out in the middle of a dry dessert filled with tons of oil rigs but it feels a lot like home. Everyone is so polite and helpful. The city has a lot of people but it still has a 'country' feel!
Bakersfield is about two hours northwest of Los Angeles. It's more inland than you might think, hence the reasoning for the extreme temperature difference from the coast. Bakersfield is known for their agriculture and for their oil. A lot of orchards can be found throughout the area...nuts, grapes, oranges, avocado, etc. Oil rigs can be found just about anywhere...literally in the middle of parks, along the backside of apartment complexes, by restaurants and anywhere there is enough land.
The best thing about Bakersfield is the location. We are only 2 hours from LA, 4.5 hours from Vegas, 4 hours from San Francisco, 5 hours from Mammoth and 3 hours from Yosemite. We love to explore and travel so right now, we are in HEAVEN!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Reason To Celebrate

Yesterday was Saaj's 10th birthday party. Missing it was not even an option! We were going...regardless!!
Here's a little background information on my neighbor friend, Saaj. Saaj lives next door to us and he's always wanting to hang out and play cricket, frisbee or go swimming with us. Jason's usually busy studying and I don't have the heart to tell him no, so most evenings are spent outside teaching him to throw a frisbee or how to do a handstand in the shallow end of the pool. Because I'm always polite and kind hearted to him, he refers to me as his best friend. It's true...he tells everyone that I am his best friend. One day he was outside playing with some friends when I got home from the grocery store and he ran over to the car. He wanted to help me carry my groceries to the door. His friend kind of curled his nose and made a comment about him helping out and Saaj politely said, "Friends help each other and she's my friend so I'm helping". Get this...sometimes and he'll be sitting on our back deck area, singing one of songs (in Hindi) trying to calm the dogs down. The dogs flip out when they see anyone staring in the back sliding door, so you can imagine how thrilled they were to hear Saaj's special song. He thinks he's just trying to help. Ok so enough of all that.
Back to the birthday festivities....we spent a while walking up and down the aisles trying to find the perfect present. His dad requested no violent toys so we finally decided on a microscope. He could make his own slides, view them and learn all the science possible for a 10 year old. I wrapped the gift just perfect and had Jason carry it on our way across the complex to the residents lounge for the party. We knew we had arrived when we heard the traditional Indian music blaring from the speakers...very uptempo and perfect for a party!
We didn't know what to expect because we've never been to a birthday party for someone of a different culture. We are both extremely curious and interested in other cultures so this party was the perfect opportunity for us to learn more! Saaj and his family had special clothes made for their special day...it was so nice to see them in their traditional wear.
Shortly after we arrived, the cake cutting ceremony was performed. Sonali, Saaj's mom, helped him cut the cake while everyone sang Happy Birthday in Hindi and then in English. After the cake was cut, they pulled the piece of cake out, put it back in and then each of the family members sampled the piece of cake that was cut. Very cute! After the birthday family sampled the cake, everyone that wanted to get involved got to wipe icing on Saaj's face. By the end, he was covered in birthday icing!
In between the cake and the rest of the party, the kids enjoyed the pool. It was so nice to sit under the umbrella and just enjoy the moment. About half way through the party, nothing too exciting was happening so we thought we would head home. We got up to go and thank them for inviting us and Abhay, Saaj's dad, said, "Oh, NO! You guys have to come back around 4:00 for the dinner and dancing". Jason needed to get in a little studying, so we agreed to come back after he read a little in his books.
I'm so glad we decided to go back to the party because we would have missed all the 'good stuff'! The food was very different, but very good. Everything had a spicy curry sauce that you dipped up with a homemade tortilla. Saaj made sure to come and sit by us during dinner because he wanted to make sure we knew how to 'properly' eat. It was pretty comical...we kept wanting to use our forks more than the tortillas.
After dinner was the dancing...everyone wanted to get up and dance. Some people had some good moves and others should have probably stayed seated but they didn't care. They wanted to get up and have a good time....and a good time they had!They even managed to get me up and teach me some of their moves. I was a little nervous at first but it didn't take long to get it figured out. Sonali told me a secret when dancing, "when in doubt, unscrew the two lightbulbs from above your head" and that's exactly what I did. I unscrewed a lot of lightbulbs that night! I'm so glad that we were invited to help Saaj celebrate his birthday! He's such a good neighbor and 'best friend'...I'm not sure he would have forgiven us if we weren't able to come!

30 Day Blog Journal--YouTube Video

Show your favorite YouTube video.....
There are so many funny YouTube videos...but the chihuahua videos steal my heart! I don't ever get on YouTube so I had to search this morning at work for the video that I would put on today's post. I was watching a few videos this morning and I had to close my office door because I couldn't stop laughing.
Here is the video....click here

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Update For Grandma

I was talking to mom tonight and she wanted an update on her two fur grandbabies. It just so happened that spent a good part of this morning outside enjoy the nice sunshine and I was able to capture some pictures of my sweet boys.
Muzzy's seizures are still occurring but with his medicine and his special formula food, they occur much less. He still has a seizure every five weeks or so...it's still the worst thing ever! Other than that, he's pretty much perfect. He has gotten to where he wants to lay on Jason's chest at all times. Jason could be laying down watching TV and Muzzy plops his whole body down right on his chest! I must admit...it's pretty stinkin' cute! Bazzle is still being the overbearing older brother. He's always exploring and looking for ways to get into trouble, especially when he can drag his little brother along so he doesn't have to reap all the punishment. He's been getting in weird moods lately. He'll get so mad when we leave for work that when we come home the bathroom rug is shredded to smithereens. He will scratch so hard in the same place over and over that all the rug material in that area is ripped out and all that is left is a huge ugly, hole. Still trying to find a way to stop this bad behavior...yummy, beef flavored bones seem to be doing the trick. It's hard to stay mad at a cute face like his! The boys seem to be loving life! They love the California sun...I think they would live outside if I would let them!

Unexpected Loss

Last Monday, we received the news that Peter, one of Jason's classmates, had passed away. He collapsed during a routine visit to the gym and passed away as a result of a cardiac arrest. We both were speechless and shocked to hear that Peter, someone so active and healthy, would pass away unexpectedly. I know God has a plan...but it's still hard to deal with losing someone so young(26 years old). I know that we are not guaranteed tomorrow but it's so easy to forget. This has truly opened my eyes...I want to do better at living each day to the fullest, as if it were my last.
Peter had a smile that could light up a room. His smile was almost infectious...onced he flashed his pearly whites in a room, you couldn't help but smile back. He was so kind, generous and thoughtful. He had such a caring and giving personality...he made an awesome student doctor!
Peter will be greatly missed! Please pray for Peter's family as they are dealing with their loss.

30 Day Blog Journal--A Website

I know I've shared this before...but I'm addicted to celebrity websites. I'm too cheap to buy the weekly magazines that tempt my eyes every stinkin time I'm at the grocery store, unless, of course, the cover is super scandalous!
I'm ashamed to admit that on a daily basis I visit People, UsMagazine and X17online in search of my celebrity fix. I justhavetoknow who is dating Reese Witherspoon, why Wyclef Jean is running for President in Haiti, what Lady Gaga is wearing out in public and when Carrie Underwood is planning on moving into her multi-million dollar mansion she is building with her husband in Canada.
I know there are more important things in the world and I'm sure the celebrities get tired of the paparazzi always in their business...but I just can't help myself. Their lives seem so interesting!
There you have it...my guilty pleasure and day 22 of the blog journal. Please don't judge...HA!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Recipe

What is a yummy recipe that you use?
I love today's writing prompt because I'm always looking for new recipes. I feel like I'm constantly searching the internet for new and exciting recipes that we can use in place of our original, everyday sides and/or meals. Here are two yummy, easy recipes! Enjoy!!
Recipe #1
1 bag of frozen broccoli--cooked and thouroughly drained
Add the cooked, drained broccoli to:
1 can of 98% fat free mushroom soup
1 Tbsp of minced onion
1/4 cup of instant rice
1 small block of Velveeta--melted
Mixed all the ingredients together, put in a deep baking dish(to prevent it from drying out) and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes or until brown.
Recipe #2
2 (8oz) 1/3 less fat cream cheese--room temperature
1 tsp. vanilla
24 vanilla wafers
2/3 cup splenda
1/2 cup egg beaters
Place one wafer in the bottom of a cupcake holder. Mix together cream cheese, vanilla, egg beaters and splenda. Pour mixture on top of each wafer. Bake mini cheesecakes at 350 for 10 minutes. Let cheesecakes cool and top with your choice of topping.

Friday, August 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--A Hobby

What is your hobby?
Before I started blogging, I would have easily said my hobby was scrapbooking. I loved printing off all the pictures for a page, choosing a background color, organizing the pictures on the page and finding the cutest little decorations to make the page really pop. But....since I was introduced to blogging all that has changed. Blogging is DEFINITELY my hobby! It's something that I look forward to and something that I've found enjoyable and relaxing.
When I started out blogging, I had NO clue what the heck I was doing. I played around with Blogger for a bit and then would google other things that I felt important to know. I still have a lot to learn. When I go through my 'follow' list and read other blogs, I realize my blog is still a notch or two behind...but I'm working to change that. I have a few questions for all you bloggers out there--
*How do I add an actual YouTube video to their post, not just the link?
* Is there a way to change my format so that my writing is not just in the middle column?

So there you have it...Day 20 of the 30 Day Blog Journal.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ms. Ruth!

When I started working a year ago, I had no idea of the friendships and the bonds that I would make. Ms. Ruth is probably the most excited student we have and she has truly been an added bonus to my job. We started talking one day, long ago, about my pictures in my office and she saw the picture of the boys. She immediately felt a bond with me when we started talking about his seizures and she wanted to pray for his little body. From that day on, the bond was built. Every Monday and Wednesday when she would come in for class, her baby girl would get a big 'ole hug. I am known around the office as "Ruth's baby girl"--too funny!
She fell off her front step in early spring and hasn't been into the office in awhile because of a broken foot but today was a different! I called Ruth early this week and told her that she needed to come into the office today...I had something to give her. Today, August 19th, is Ms. Ruth's 62nd birthday. I wanted to make her feel so special and loved! No birthday is complete with cake/cupcakes, a birthday song and a present!! Ms. Ruth got all the attention this morning... Ms. Ruth was so thankful...if you look closely in the pictures where she is opening her gifts, she is crying. Sometimes it's the smallest things that mean the most. I'm so glad I was able to show Ms. Ruth love on her birthday. Happy 62nd Birthday, Ms. Ruth!

30 Day Blog Journal--A Talent

What is your talent?
It's hard for me to answer this question without sounding conceited. So...I have asked two people, Jason and my mom, to help me with my talents. I asked Jason this morning on our morning walk with the boys what my 'talents' were and his immediate response was communication. I'm not certain that communication is a talent, or that I'm the greatest communicator, but I guess I'll take it! He said writing was a form of communication and he's "heard" I'm a good writer on the blog. He doesn't read the blog but he hears from our friends and family about posts that I do..HA! I feel like the blog has definitely strengthened my communication. I ALWAYS look forward to writing posts that can reflect my feelings and our daily lifestyle. Not only is it fun to look back at old posts and remember but it's also nice to get comments that help us through the journey....so thanks for all the sweet comments!
I asked my mom this morning on my drive to work what she thought my 'talents' were and she said my cooking. I guess I never thought of this as a talent but more as a part of my daily routine. I love being in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and multi-tasking with multiple pans on the stove top and in the oven. Not all my meals have turned out good, remember the bean story, but I enjoy trying to make yummy food. A lot of the meals and recipes that I make are from my mom...maybe that's why she said cooking was my talent?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obsessed Much?

Need proof that my boys are a little obsessed with their mama?? Notice the proof--I just finished working out and I was laying down trying to catch my breath. Yes, I'm that out of shape that I feel the need to lay down, red face and all, to try and catch my breath. I guess the boys were feeling a little neglected during our workout so they rushed over to be by me and demand some attention. I can't help but love on these little fur balls...they are just too precious!

30 Day Blog Journal--Wedding Story

On April 26, 2008, was the happiest day of my life. I married my best friend in front of our friends and family...truly amazing day! Let me back up a little and give a little recap on the weeks leading up the wedding. We moved to the island for medical school in August 2007 and we were engaged but not rushing the wedding. We were both perfectly happy with a long engagement but little did we know how quick our views would change once we moved to a secluded island in the middle of the ocean.
Jason was the first one to bring up the fact that we needed to get married...the sooner the better was his exact words. We called my mom immediately and told her we wanted to get married on our second break, which happened to be in April. Yes, you read that correctly! 8 months to plan a wedding and we would only be home for a few days for December's break and then April's break was the wedding. In December 2007, I found the dress, ordered the flowers, ordered the cake and did the finishing touches for the wedding location and the reception. I didn't have any idea what I wanted for bridesmaids dresses or colors of the dresses, so I let my niece pick out the color for the wedding, along with the dresses and the jewelry. She thought she was the coolest bridesmaid EVER. My mom did so much stuff for the wedding...thank goodness for Skype. Other than the dress, flowers, cakes and reception food, my mom did it all!! She would take pictures and email us wedding/reception locations, pictures of decorations, different colored candles and all the other things that go into a wedding!!! The wedding wouldn't have been what it was without the help of my family, especially my mama.
Ok...flash forward to April 2008. We arrived in Missouri on a Monday and the wedding was on Saturday. I still had to do my dress fitting, assemble the favors and do all the last minute details. Needless to say, it was a crazy week!!
Through all the crazy planning in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, it was beyond my dreams. It was simply perfect....The morning of the wedding was so calm and relaxing. I got to talk to Jason before the ceremony and then we sent Ana down with a video recorder so we could see the garden all decorated. Slowly watching my mom, my mother-in-law and everyone else transform into their wedding attire made the anticipation so much greater. I was so excited to slip on my dress and walk down that aisle!The ceremony couldn't have been any better. If there was a problem or an issue, I was oblivious. All my concerns flew out the window the second the gate opened and I started walking towards Jason.In between the ceremony and the reception, our photographer took us all around downtown to take pictures. We loved walking around and taking candid shots!! The reception was the best time! We really enjoyed having our friends and family around to talk to and celebrate our marriage with. Being away on the island really made us miss our Missouri family! We even had two couples that we met on the island come to the wedding.
Our cakes were so yummy. Something kind of funny about the cakes...I had no idea what our wedding cake would look like. I literally walked into the store and said, "I want white cake with white icing and it needs to feed 150 people." Jason's cake was a different story. I researched all the different types of cakes and finally decided on a duck hunting cake. He loved it!We danced and partied the night away....some of the dancing pictures still crack me up!
April 26, 2008 was my most favorite day ever! I can't believe that this amazing day has been 2 years ago (plus a few months)! I would get married every year if I could--to the same man, of course!!

*Sorry for some of the pictures that have the photographer's seal on the bottom. All of our wedding pictures, minus our album, is still packed away in Missouri.