Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Dream House

Describe your dreamhouse...

Call me crazy but I can't describe my dreamhouse. I don't know where it is, what color the master bedroom is, or what is in the backyard. I am usually a planner with details of everything written down and budgeted out, but the house thing is a little scary for me. The down payment, the maintenance and all the decorating to make everything just perfect is a little intimidating. I'm not even 100% sure of the style of home that I hope to live in one day. I tried to search for rooms and house styles that seemed appealing....but nothing seemed right. I think one of the main things that is scaring me away from finding a dreamhouse is finding something way beyond our means. I want to find a place that is within our budget, nice but not overdone. Being in a financial bind over a nice, impressive house isn't something that I want to introduce to our family. I've heard tooooo many horror stories! Want to hear a confession? I'm a bit of a realist....ok, so I'm an extreme realist. It's hard for me to dream about our future lives when our future is still up in the air. We don't know where we will move for residency, don't know where I will be able to find work once we do move and all of that is pretty freaking scary! Jason is more of the dreamer. He is always saying, "dreams help motivate me to work hard." It's so true! If we don't have goals and dreams then why do we work so hard?! Ok, enough of the confessions. I know you didn't expect to read all of that when I was suppose to be describing my dreamhouse! I couldn't help sorry for the small minor detour!

I DO know that when it's time for us to go searching for our perfect home, we'll be so involved with making sure everything is perfect for our family. I'm sure when we find the one, we'll just know!!


~*Holly*~ said...

I can't say as if I have a perfect dream house either. I do know I want something that is OURS!!! I am soo tired of moving and throwing money away on rent. I am sure you know what I mean

Meant to be a mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. Its hard to just pinpoint the exact idea of your dream house. Even when you think you have it you'll make changes as you go. But isn't it fun to try to create it :)