Monday, August 2, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Favorite Movie

Day 2 in the 30 Day Blog Journal is all about the movies. I'm not a big TV/movie watcher but I was hooked...line and sinker when I watched the movie below!
What is your favorite movie?
This questions was a no brainer for me! My favorite movie since I was a little girl has ALWAYS been Dirty Dancing. I love how Baby meets Johnny, a hot dancer, on her summer vacation and steps out of her comfort box to try something different(aka-hot dance moves with a hot partner)The story is so perfect...yes, there are a few 'opps' moments in the movie but I still love it! I could quote every line from this movie, sing every word in every song and could tell you what's happening without even looking at the TV screen.
Can you guess what the last song was at our wedding reception? You guessed it..."Time of my Life", which also happens to be the last song Baby and Johnny danced to! I'm such a sucker for this movie!! It's will always be my favorite!!

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The Sweet Life said...

I love Dirty Dancing!! I am such a movie fanatic that I could never choose just one favorite.