Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Favorite Song

Over at Just to Keep in Touch, Emily has created a 30 Day Blog Journal. Each day I will answer a question that will give a little more insight into my life. August should be a lot of fun because today is Day 1. You should go and visit her blog and participate will be fun!
What is your favorite song?
Yikes! This is difficult for me because each time I hear something new on the radio, it becomes a top contender. I'm always listening to music, whether I'm in the car, in the office, cleaning or just sitting around on the computer. I'd much rather have music playing than the TV turned on.
Ok...I'm going to say that my current favorite song is "Our Kind of Love" by Lady Antebellum. It's just a fun, upbeat song that I love to turn up when it comes on the radio.


Courtney said...

What a great idea! I might have to participate too. And I'm pretty much obsessed with Lady Antebellum!

The Sweet Life said...

It was a tough choice for me as well. Anytime a song comes on, I say "I love this song!" haha....I really love music. Good pick though.