Friday, August 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--A Hobby

What is your hobby?
Before I started blogging, I would have easily said my hobby was scrapbooking. I loved printing off all the pictures for a page, choosing a background color, organizing the pictures on the page and finding the cutest little decorations to make the page really pop. But....since I was introduced to blogging all that has changed. Blogging is DEFINITELY my hobby! It's something that I look forward to and something that I've found enjoyable and relaxing.
When I started out blogging, I had NO clue what the heck I was doing. I played around with Blogger for a bit and then would google other things that I felt important to know. I still have a lot to learn. When I go through my 'follow' list and read other blogs, I realize my blog is still a notch or two behind...but I'm working to change that. I have a few questions for all you bloggers out there--
*How do I add an actual YouTube video to their post, not just the link?
* Is there a way to change my format so that my writing is not just in the middle column?

So there you have it...Day 20 of the 30 Day Blog Journal.

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Blair said...

You can do the YouTube link two ways (both of which are done from the screen where you are viewing the video):
1) Under the video will be the following links: "Like," "Dislike," "Save to," "Share," and "Embed." The first method (which is the better one) is "Share." Click "Share" and it will open more options. "Blogger" is one of them. Click that, and it will direct you what to do. I usually save it as a draft, then go into actual Blogger and edit the post to add my text. If you do it this way, the video will show up in Reader (which is how I read blogs on my iPhone). The other option is...
2) Embed. This gives you more options to do borders, not have "related videos" follow, etc. If you use this method, just copy the code and add it either straight into your post (don't worry, Blogger will decode it and make it a video) or put it in the "edit html" section. If you do it this way, it will show up in Reader (at least on iPhones) as a square. You won't be able to watch it from there unless you go to the original post on the website.

I'm not sure I understand your second question. Do you mean how to make your font justified, centered left, etc? or do you mean can you write in the other columns?