Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--My Day in Detail

What does your day look like, in detail?
My day really isn't all that interesting...I wish I had an exciting routine for me to write about!
Here is a detailed look into my day....
6:30am-- alarm goes off. I immediately get up and get Muzzy his medicine. I split his pill with the splitter and then put the pill in a yummy scoop of ice cream. It's hard to find something that can hide his pill without using meat! Ice cream works perfectly!
6:40am--the boys get their morning food. While they eat, I pack my lunch. It's usually a lunchmeat sandwich, baby carrots, chips and a piece of fruit. Something easy and quick to throw in my bag!
6:45am--we head out for our morning walk. We walk around our apartment complex (about 1 mile) with the boys. I love our morning walk, especially now that Jason is home, because it's a nice start to the day. I love holding hands and talking about everything and nothing all at the same time.
7:00am--we get back from our walk. I turn CMT on the TV...I love listening to music when I get ready. I pick out my clothes and head to the bathroom to shower.
7:15am--I'm done showering. I lather up with lotion, get dressed and start blow drying my hair. Makeup, perfume and the last minute details are completed before I step out of the bathroom.
7:45am--I'm walking out the door for work. I grab my lunch, my phone, my purse, kiss Jason and my boys and I'm out the door.
8:05am--arrive at work. The drive to work, about 13 miles, isn't all that bad but since school just started back up traffic is starting to get a little worse. I talk to my mom almost the whole drive and that makes the drive SO much better! I'm usually the first one to the office so I unlock the door, turn off the alarm system, pick up the newspapers from outside and put inside for our students, make coffee, water the flowerbeds, turn on all the air conditioners and then get started on my daily emails and messages.
9:00am--the office officially opens. Once our students and tutors come to the office for their tutoring sessions, my demand goes up. I'm in charge of all the students and tutors so if they have a concern or need new material, then I'm the one that gets to assist with their issues.
10:00am--my belly starts growling. I pull out my Tupperware and warm up a package of oatmeal for breakfast. I'm not a big eater right when I wake up so I always pack breakfast and eat it at my desk. Every after day....oatmeal is what I eat for breakfast.
12:00pm--we lock up the office for our lunch break. Because we are a non-profit, we have strict rules that we have to follow as a safey precaution. No one can be in the building during our 'closed' time. No one before 9:00am and no one from 12-1 on our lunch break. I grab my lunch out of the refrigerator and we all go and sit in the conference room. I love sitting together and eating our lunch...we share a lot of personal stories.
1:00pm--we unlock the door and I get started on my afternoon work. I do a lot of phone calls, site visits and program development. I stay pretty busy with our 50 sites and our 3,000 students!
2:30pm--I'm usually getting a little stir crazy so I get up and play a round or two of Scrabble. We have a community Scrabble board in our front lobby so I try to add my words to the game.
4:00pm--the office closes. I turn off the air conditioners, shut off the lights and lock the doors. There's usually two of us at closing to help do the closing checklist. I usually head home unless I have a meeting or a training to teach.
4:30pm--walk in the door, kick off my shoes, kiss my hubby and change into workout clothes. I usually lay around in my comfy workout clothes until 5:30pm.
5:30pm--we start our workout. We usually either go for a run and do an ab/shoulders/triceps routine or we do Insanity. I'm not going to lie...I dread 5:30pm! I hate working out but I love how I feel after I've had a good workout.
6:30pm--we jump in the shower (or sometimes we cheat and jump in the pool) to cool off from our workout. After the shower, we start making dinner. We usually make something that can be grilled. Jason will go and grill and I'll make everything else.
7:00pm--we usually sit down for dinner. Sometimes dinner doesn't take too long to cook so it's a little before 7:00.
8:00pm--the dinner mess gets cleaned up and the kitchen gets cleaned and put back to the way it was before we started cooking. Once everything is straightened up, then I sit down and enjoy some computer time. Jason has been studying a lot so I'll get on the computer, read a book or get invited to play outside with Saaj.
10:00pm--I'm ready for bed. Teeth get brushed, blankets on the couch get folded, doors get locked and the air conditioner gets set a few degrees cooler. Jason always has to watch TV before he goes to sleep so we'll turn on the TV (I make him set the timer, just in case we fall asleep). Right before we get ready to fall asleep, I kiss Jason good night and roll over!
The rest is history..

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