Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Day blog Journal--My Purse

What's in my purse?
My purse is pretty bare. I don't carry too much in my purse because I can't stand digging in my purse for something that has managed to get lost in all the unneeded junk. I carry the necessities but I always have extra room. The extra room is super useful when trying to sneak candy into the movie theatre or when taking a sweater when we go out to eat.
My purse has the following goodies stuffed inside:
wallet--filled with debit card, credit cards, Costco card, Vons/Albertson's preferred card, picture of my niece and nephew and all the receipts from the past month.
checkbook--it doesn't get used all that much but I still carry around for emergency situations
chapstick--2 or 3 tubes! I can NEVER have too many tubes of chapstick
mace--secretly hidden in my side zipper
sunglasses--can't hardly see outside without my RayBans
camera--ALWAYS thinking of the blog

Speaking of purses...I think it's about time that I upgraded for fall/winter. I think a new purse is in my future!!


Typical Consultant said...

Where did you get this 30 Day Blog thing? It is really cute!! I like how it asks kind of random things, but really tells a lot about you! :)

The Conway's said...

I got it from another blog that I follow (Just to Keep in Touch). It's been a lot of fun trying to answer each question but I'm ready to get back to my regular blog :)