Friday, August 27, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--My Worst Habit

Well...I'd like to say that I don't have any habits but then I'd be lying! I have two habits that are absolutely horrible! I'm even embarrassed to type them in this post but as bad as they are, I still can't stop myself from doing them.

Extremely bad habit #1: I bite my nails. Gross, huh? I bite my nails so much that my fingers are almost always red and I usually have a few nails that are so nawed off that my nubs are bleeding. Disgusting, I know!! When I'm nervous, bored, scared or any other emotion that would require my hands to go near my mouth, I bite, bite and bite some more until there is nothing left to bite off. It such a disgusting habit! I've actually gone months without biting my nails...but the second I give in to the first bite, the self-control is down the drain. I'm pretty sure I've tried just about everything to make myself hot fingernail polish that burns your mouth, thinking of all the germs that are on my hands and weekly manicures with pretty polish. NONE of that stuff has worked...UGH!

Extremely bad habit #2: I twist my hair. I do this almost 24 hours a day! I started doing this when I was young, like 5 or 6. My beautician told me when I was younger that the twisting would get so bad that all my hair would fall I am 20 years later, head full of hair and still twisting my hair. It's almost worse than biting my nails because people pick up on it more often.

I'm really focusing on trying to slow down on the nail biting and the hair twisting! I've told Jason to point it out to me when I'm in the middle of twisting my hair or biting my nails. We'll see how long I can appreciate his help and not get upset at him for pointing out my flaws...haha!

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Bryan and Chelsey's Moss Moments said...

Don't worry, you're not alone with #1! I'm in the SAME boat as you are. I bite them that bad! If I can stop for a month or so I'm good..but after that first's all over. It REALLY bothers/embarrasses my husband, so that's what I try to remember when I think about biting. Thank goodness right now they're a little long, and I was actually able to go get a manicure for the first time in a while! I've found out that I do MUCH better with not biting if I have them painted. I don't like the taste of the paint, so that helps out a lot. Plus I like all the pretty colors! :)