Thursday, August 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--OCD

What is something you are OCD about?
Oh goodness, where do I start? Haha-I'm pretty OCD about everything and I think it's getting worse the older I get. Here are a few things that I'm obsessed about...
1. I have to go through my weekly cleaning routine NO MATTER WHAT! The sheets need washed, the widows need washed, carpets vacuumed, furniture dusted, bathroom and kitchen disinfected and cleaned and the couch needs 'dehaired' from the boys. Regardless of our plans for the weekend (I usually clean on Friday), I cannot leave my house without going through my normal cleaning routine.
2. I cannot stand dirty dishes in the sink. I always do the dishes immediately after eating (sometimes even before we eat) because I don't like the clutter. The thought of ants grosses me out too, so maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with cleaning the dishes right after we eat.
3. Speaking of clutter, I cannot stand it. A few family members (*cough MOM cough*) hate to throw anything away because they can always think of someone that could use it. I'm the complete opposite. I almost throw too much away...if I don't wear something within a year, it's gone; if a bill is older than a year, it's gone; if a book isn't one that I'll read again, it's donated. My 'decluttering' is so bad that Jason has made a folder for things that I would throw away( receipts, magazines, junk statements) so that when we need them (which we normally do), we can find them.

I have plenty more weird OCD habits but I'll spare you! I've been trying to relax and let go of a few things but it's so hard. I'm too young to be so obsessed about things!