Saturday, August 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Photo That Makes Me Sad/Angry

I'm posting Day 7 of the Blog Journal today because this weekend is the Vegas getaway and I'm not sure what time we'll be getting back home Sunday night.
What photo makes me sad/angry?This photo makes me sad. We took this picture shortly after Bazzle fell out of bed, knocked himself unconscious and started flopping around like a dead fish. We didn't know where any emergency vets were located (or if there were any on the island) and we thought that he was dying. It was a horrible night! We both were in hysterics...I was bawling and Jason was trying his best doctor manuvers to try and get him awake again. Finally, he woke up and we took this picture, just in case it was our last night with our baby!!
This picture makes me angry! This was our car when we lived on the you can see, it's missing a front driver door. We came out one morning to drive to school and some mean and nasty person decided to break our back window and steal our front door. We were FURIOUS! They couldn't steal the car because of the club in the steering wheel but that didn't stop them from stealing something off the car. We can laugh about the story now but I can remember taking the pictures for the police and being upset!


Lizzy said...

I am new to reading your blog, and not trying to be mean, but the picture of your car is pretty funny. Thankfully it's in the past and didn't happen recently. I can't believe they didn't take the back door or something else from it. The front door is a pretty funny and random thing to steal.

The Conway's said...

The car situation is definitely funny now but we were so mad at the time! Glad to have you now reading the blog :)