Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--A Talent

What is your talent?
It's hard for me to answer this question without sounding conceited. So...I have asked two people, Jason and my mom, to help me with my talents. I asked Jason this morning on our morning walk with the boys what my 'talents' were and his immediate response was communication. I'm not certain that communication is a talent, or that I'm the greatest communicator, but I guess I'll take it! He said writing was a form of communication and he's "heard" I'm a good writer on the blog. He doesn't read the blog but he hears from our friends and family about posts that I do..HA! I feel like the blog has definitely strengthened my communication. I ALWAYS look forward to writing posts that can reflect my feelings and our daily lifestyle. Not only is it fun to look back at old posts and remember but it's also nice to get comments that help us through the thanks for all the sweet comments!
I asked my mom this morning on my drive to work what she thought my 'talents' were and she said my cooking. I guess I never thought of this as a talent but more as a part of my daily routine. I love being in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and multi-tasking with multiple pans on the stove top and in the oven. Not all my meals have turned out good, remember the bean story, but I enjoy trying to make yummy food. A lot of the meals and recipes that I make are from my mom...maybe that's why she said cooking was my talent?

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