Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal--Where I live

Where do you live?
Well, about a year ago we packed up and moved from a small town(30,000 people) and headed to sunny California. We moved to Bakersfield, California (400,000 people) last September so Jason could complete his clinical rotations. Before w
e moved, we heard horror stories of Bakersfield. It's so hot there! You'll be out in the middle of nowhere! The armpit of California?
Once we got here, we realized it wasn't half as bad as we were anticipating. Just about everything we heard about Bakersfield is true. It's extremely hot here and we're out in the middle of a dry dessert filled with tons of oil rigs but it feels a lot like home. Everyone is so polite and helpful. The city has a lot of people but it still has a 'country' feel!
Bakersfield is about two hours northwest of Los Angeles. It's more inland than you might think, hence the reasoning for the extreme temperature difference from the coast. Bakersfield is known for their agriculture and for their oil. A lot of orchards can be found throughout the area...nuts, grapes, oranges, avocado, etc. Oil rigs can be found just about anywhere...literally in the middle of parks, along the backside of apartment complexes, by restaurants and anywhere there is enough land.
The best thing about Bakersfield is the location. We are only 2 hours from LA, 4.5 hours from Vegas, 4 hours from San Francisco, 5 hours from Mammoth and 3 hours from Yosemite. We love to explore and travel so right now, we are in HEAVEN!


Monique said...

Nice area!! You are right in the middle of it all. That's great. I love avocados :) Would love to visit Cali one day!

Meant to be a mom said...

Its sounds like such a great place to live. Your close enough to all the hustle and bustle but still far enough to enjoy your town and not be overwhelmed. I love California and all it has to offer anyways. But I've never been to your town. I'll have to ask my family that lives in California how far it is from where they live :)

HollyJolly said...

What or where is mammoth?