Friday, August 13, 2010

A+ For Effort

Jason has officially finished his OB rotation and will be taking the next few weeks off so he can study for his STEP 2 CK. Because he's not getting up at the crack of dawn and getting home late, he's able to do a few extra things! I'm loving the fact that when I get home from work he is makes my day just a little bit better :)
Since he's home studying, he trys to help out around the house a little more than usual. He's great at helping out (even when he's working crazy hours) but he's extra great now that he's home more! I love that we can cook dinner together, sit out by the hottub and talk about our days and watch our favorite TV shows together.
I came home the other day and I wasn't home for 20 minutes when I heard the dryer buzzer go off. Wow! Jason did some laundry today...very nice! We had quite a bit of laundry to do because we were away in Vegas this past weekend and didn't have time to get it all done before Monday. I went to open the dryer door and this is what I saw....
The dryer was so packed that I could barely pull the laundry out! He mixed the darks with the lights with the towels and anything else he thought needed to be washed. OH MY GOODNESS! Doesn't he know how OCD I am about the laundry? I tried not to say anything negative... afterall he did do laundry but he didn't quite do it the right way.
Ashley--'Thanks for doing laundry'
Jason--'No problem'
Ashley--'You could have done more than one load, if you needed some extra space'
(maybe for the water and soap to get between the tightly packed clothes so they can get properly cleaned)
Jason--'Well, I thought about that but then decided to be eco-friendly'
Jason--'Ya, we saved on water, soap and electricity'
Needless to say, the Conway house wasn't so eco-friendly that evening. The one load that Jason washed had to be divided into THREE loads...all with soap, a full load of water and electricity. He's always wanting to help with dinner, dishes, laundry and anything else. I couldn't ask for a better husband in that aspect...he's likes a clean house almost as much as me! I'm definitely not going to discourage his 'helpful' behavior but we need to have a few lessons in proper laundry skills.

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Monique said...

Cute little story!! I have a good story about laundry also. Since we've arrived to Czech, I've been trying to figure out the washing maching?! It's very small and doesn't wash the clothes well at all. Humm! Will give it another shot. Happy Saturday :)