Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It'sParty Time...Again!

This is the last birthday party post for awhile...I think. All three of us girls at the office have had birthdays in the last two months, so it's been party central around the office. Lisa's birthday is Thursday but Donna will be out of town so we decided that today would be perfect for a birthday celebration!
I spent a good part of my evening last night making molten chocolate cupcakes, a recipe that I found on the Betty Crocker website. Nothing better than a chocolate cupcake with an ooey gooey chocolate center and topped with chocolate frosting help celebrate! I made sure that they were iced and ready to go last night...I had to leave super early this morning because I needed to decorate the office and get everything ready before Lisa got to work. Decorating was so much fun! I loved scattering the confetti and getting everything just perfect! Once Lisa got to work, she put on her boa, her tiara and her light up ring! Yes, she had to wear everything so no one questioned who the birthday girl was! She was decked out from head to toe with hot pink birthday goodies.
Of course we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed some cupcakes with our students/tutors but that wasn't enough! We decided that on our lunch break we would go to Dewar's, a super yummy icecream parlor, and enjoy their famous sundae.

I love that our office really takes the time to make each person feel special on their birthday. Everyone should have a day where it's all about them!! Happy Birthday, Lisa!


Bryan and Chelsey's Moss Moments said...

Yay for parties! Those cupcakes look yummy! I love your dress! Where did you get it?!

The Conway's said...

Thanks!! The cupcakes tasted yummy too! The dress came from Target :)