Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Update For Grandma

I was talking to mom tonight and she wanted an update on her two fur grandbabies. It just so happened that spent a good part of this morning outside enjoy the nice sunshine and I was able to capture some pictures of my sweet boys.
Muzzy's seizures are still occurring but with his medicine and his special formula food, they occur much less. He still has a seizure every five weeks or's still the worst thing ever! Other than that, he's pretty much perfect. He has gotten to where he wants to lay on Jason's chest at all times. Jason could be laying down watching TV and Muzzy plops his whole body down right on his chest! I must's pretty stinkin' cute! Bazzle is still being the overbearing older brother. He's always exploring and looking for ways to get into trouble, especially when he can drag his little brother along so he doesn't have to reap all the punishment. He's been getting in weird moods lately. He'll get so mad when we leave for work that when we come home the bathroom rug is shredded to smithereens. He will scratch so hard in the same place over and over that all the rug material in that area is ripped out and all that is left is a huge ugly, hole. Still trying to find a way to stop this bad behavior...yummy, beef flavored bones seem to be doing the trick. It's hard to stay mad at a cute face like his! The boys seem to be loving life! They love the California sun...I think they would live outside if I would let them!

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Kristin said...

my little guy has seizures too! its the worst thing!! im learning its very common in chihuhuas. thankfully my guy is now 6 so i am so thankful for that! glad they are soaking up all the sun!!