Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Review

  • Chip and Sue came to visit Friday evening and Saturday. We haven't seen the two of them in Bakersfield since early July, so a visit was way overdue. Dinner for Schmucks and PF Changs were top on the agenda!! It was so nice to see them and to update them on everything that has been going on! Family visits are always nice.
  • I got to witness Jason in action on Saturday morning. We were driving along when we noticed an older man sitting on the bridge of an overpass with his feet dangling off the edge. We drove past at first, but then that scene really started bothering Jason. We flipped the car around and pulled up beside this gentleman. Jason handled the situation so calm and professional. I was flipping out! I wanted that man off the overpass and IMMEDIATELY. The man was covered in bandages (possibly just released from the hospital) and he was very unstable. We were able to get him off the edge before we called 911. We explained the situation to them and Jason felt that the gentleman was in need of a psych evaluation. The man said he was 'thinking of doing something' as he watched cars drive under the bridge where his feet were dangling. It was such a scary situation but I was so proud of the way Jason handled the situation...maybe all the hospital work is starting to pay off!
  • I finished Mockingjay, the third and final book in the Hunger Games series. I couldn't get my nose out of those was so good.
  • Not only was I addicted to my book this weekend but I've found a new game on my iPhone that I can't get enough of. Word with Friends is scrabble type of game that can be played with other people that have the app on their phone. I have like 15 games going right now...I think I might have a small problem.
  • I found out over the weekend that a presentation that I gave in July was a success. The Zonta club loves what our organization is doing and they felt like I was able to answer all their questions so they have promised their funds raised from their next event to go to us!! I'm not a fan of public speaking AT ALL but it turned out to be a pretty successful presentation!
  • The weather this weekend cooled down drastically! The high on Saturday was 80...slightly cooler from the 112 that we saw late last week. Fall will be here before we know it!!
  • We got an itinerary this weekend from our besties, an itinerary that has them flying into California!!! Andy and Alissa are coming to visit us in November!! We are so excited to hang out with them again!! It stinks being so far away from them and I hope once residency rolls around we are able to be a little closer!! The countdown to November 19th starts NOW!


Meant to be a mom said...

Wow that is so nice of your hubby to help that man. I can't imagine. Most people are too afraid to help strangers like that. He could have very well saved that mans life.
I bet you are so proud of him.

Kristin said...

Thats so awesome your hubby was able to get the man down... glad you guys followed you gut and turned around. Hero!