Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Test Scores Are In

Have I shared with you how proud I am of this man?? Well just in case...I'm overly proud of my husband and his efforts. He is constantly striving to be the best, which is very comforting from a wife's point of view.
This morning we got an early surprise when he checked his email. His test scores came in at 5:55am and I think he checked his email at about that same time so he was ecstatic! I was still sleeping but quickly woke up when Jason started screaming, "Hey Ash, my test score is in!!" He was so excited that he couldn't hardly contain himself...I'm sure our neighbors were pleased that test scores came in so early this morning. HA! I climbed out of bed to physically see the email (Jason's request) with his score printed across the top in big, bold print. He did AMAZING, so AMAZING that we are having a special celebration dinner tonight. I'm making his favorite French dinner that his meme always made for him, Volauvent. I was able to get my shopping done for dinner before work this morning. Thanks for the super early wake up, babe!
Only one more pediatrics exam next Friday and we'll be test free for another year or so! Hopefully more residencies will look at his application now that his test score is in...keep on praying for us!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planning A Trip Back To The Island

Jason's school has finally given out the 2011 graduation date for all the medical students that are eligible to graduate and we are in that group!! We will fly back to the island that I never wanted to see again for a fun-filled week in May. I'm so excited to see my hubby walk across that stage and get his degree...he's worked so hard for it!! Not only am I excited to see him graduate but I'm secretly excited to get back to the island. When we lived there all we could think about was getting back to the states but now that we are in the states, all we can think about is getting back and enjoying the island. The crystal blue ocean, the beautiful sand beaches and the warm weather everyday were all things that we took for granted on a daily basis. We got to the point where we didn't think twice about the awesome was just part of the scenary after awhile. I can't help but to look back at some of the pictures and drool. We had it so nice! Everyone kept telling us to enjoy the moment and all we could think about was when we could leave the island for good.
We are currently trying to organize our trip with our family and friends...we have so much that we can't wait to see and do! Let the list making begin!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Such A Slacker

Sorry for the lack of blog posts these past weeks...I've been SWAMPED at work. By the time I get home, workout, walk the pups and get dinner cooked, I've plopped down on the couch and haven't done anything too exciting.
Even though life has been a bit on the boring side, here are a few updates...

--Jason started his Anesthesiology rotation this week. He's loving every second of it...he comes home and is all smiles when he describes what he was allowed to do in the operating room. Because this is an elective rotation, instead of a core rotation, the doctors allow the students to be a little more hands on. Five minutes into his shift on Monday, he was allowed to intubate his first patient ALL BY HIMSELF. No teeth were knocked out and the patient was able to breath successfully with the help of the tube so I think it's safe to say his first attempt was a success. I'll have to take a picture of him in his gear...he's such a little hottie in his 'work clothes'

--We have also gotten some hospital responses in the past weeks regarding his residency application. It's so exciting to get an email requesting an's so fun to see new, unread emails in his Inbox with the subject "Interview" .

--We finally got a date for Jason's graduation. May 28th, Jason will walk across the stage to accept his M.D. degree and we couldn't be more excited. We are trying to plan a week long trip back to the island for the graduation festivities. It's a little more difficult than we expected to get everyone (family and friends that want to witness Jason's graduation) lined up with the cheapest flights and hotel stays.

--I've been a little frazzled this week...I feel like I've been running non-stop. This week I've been out of the office more than I've been in. Collaboratives, meetings and site visits have been scattered all over my planner these past weeks. The meetings must be paying off because our building is FULL of students and tutors!

--Our organization growing so fast, it's a little scary. I'm slowly learning to plan and organize my time a little better. I'm usually a multi-tasker and I love staying busy but my brain is struggling this week with staying focused on what I need to get done. Hopefully this weekend will be just what my brain needs to get through another week.

--This week was the start of the famous Kern County Fair. I have to get a booth set up for display so I'll get enjoy some fair sights and treats tomorrow evening. Jason is coming after work so we might just have to have corn dogs and funnel cakes for dinner....yum!

--Andrew and Holly, Jason's brother and sister-in-law, are coming to visit from Missouri for a week. They will be staying with Jason's parents in Ventura and we're planning a trip to visit them this weekend. We are taking family pictures on the beach...hopefully we get some cute shots. I'll make sure to post the link or some pictures once he puts them online.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cable Cars And Fog

Day two was packed with all the touristy things we could do while we were in San Francisco. We spent the morning walking around Union Square, ChinaTown and hopping on a cable car. We had reservations later in the afternoon so we didn't want to get too far away.I really fell in love with how active the city was. Everytime we crossed the street, the crosswalk was filled with so many diverse people going in so many directions. It was a pretty neat experience. School, funeral homes, parks and any thing else that would have plenty of space back home was planted right in the middle of this city...squished into the 'city' life. Everything about this city entrigued me...
After we did a bit of exploring, it was time to head over to the GoCars. GoCars are these small electric cars that give an audio tour of the city. When we were shown our cars, we couldn't believe that these tiny, yellow cars would share the road with some huge trucks and busses.I originally thought I would drive for a little while but once we started the engine, I quickly changed seats with Jason. The throttled got stuck idling at a much higher RPM than normal....definitely not a good feeling! We put on our helmets, buckled our seatbelts and we were on our way!After we drove through the city, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. The drive along the coast was so pretty. People were out flying kites, walking their dogs and just enjoying the scenary. The Golden Gate bridge was probably one of my favorite things. We drove by and the fog allowed us to see just over half of the bridge. By the time we parked our cars back at the rental place and drove back, the fog had settled and the bridge was pretty much hidden. The cables used to hold up the bridge were was an awesome sight to see!After we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, our next stop was Lombard Street, America's crookedest street. Steve and Laura dropped us off at the top so we could walk down.
The flowers and the landscaping along the street were so pretty. It was a breath of fresh air amongst all the skyscrapers!After we toured every inch of San Francisco, we headed out of the city and got ready for the Stanford V. Wake Forest football game. Steve works for Stanford so he was able to get some tickets...thanks again, Steve!!We didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb so we threw on our Stanford shirts and did all the fun cheers and claps that Stanford fans do! I think we did a pretty good job of fitting in! Stanford pulled out a huge win...a lot of clapping and cheering took place Saturday night!We had such a great time exploring San Francisco. We've been wanting to go there since we moved to Bakersfield and I'm so glad we were able to go when Jason had some time off. We were like kids in a candy store...we love visiting and exploring new places.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jelly Belly And Alcatraz

Friday morning we headed North to San Francisco for a fun-filled weekend with our friends, Steve and Laura. HUGE thanks to Thane who watched the boys for the weekend so we could sneak away and not have to worry about boarding up our babies! I had a fundraiser Thursday evening, so Friday morning came bright and early but I was so excited that it didn't matter how little of sleep I had the night before. We had a 5 hour drive so we made sure we loaded the car with plenty of drinks, snacks and great music. San Francisco is only a four hour drive but we wanted to tour the Jelly Belly factory before heading into the city...unfortunately that added an extra hour to the drive. Once we got to the factory, the extra hour didn't seem so bad. We couldn't take pictures along the tour but it was definitely a sight to see. There were so many rows of brightly colored bean shaped was fun guessing which flavors were which stacked up in the factory.Something new that Jelly Belly has started making new jelly beans called Bean Boozles. They look like some of their favorite beans (buttered popcorn, chocolate pudding, juicy pear, licorice) but taste horrible (moldy cheese, canned dog food, vomit, skunk spray). It was pretty funny to see people trying these nasty jelly beans. Most of them thought they could handle the nastiness...boy, were they wrong! We even tried one...pencil shavings! We couldn't go to the Jelly Belly factory and not try their Bean Boozles...Bleh! We had such a fun time trying all the different samples they make. We literally almost made ourselves sick on Jelly Belly's.
After our Jelly Belly tour, we headed to San Francisco because we had a tour at Alcatraz Island. We got downtown a little early so we did a little exploring before the tour. It was just so much fun walking along the piers!We met up with Laura and Steve at the Alcatraz ferry and we headed over to 'The Rock'. It was a pretty afternoon and the city view from the ferry was amazing! Please excuse the crazy was a pretty windy ride.Alcatraz was a sight to see from the distance but the closer we got, the more entrigued I became. There is so much history in the prison and in the island...The inside of the prison was kept almost exactly like it was when it was an active prison.
The facility had very few lights and a lot of the cells weren't by the few lights...the only light source they had was from a few small windows. It was very eye opening to see how these criminals lived for many years of their lives. Three men did escape from Alcatraz. They dug out a hole in their cell using spoons as their digging method. They placed fake heads with hair on their beds and made a run for it. They were never found but some people believe they made their way to South America.
The audio tour was amazing! They had previous inmates and guards that were telling all the old stories from the prison. After we left Alcatraz, we stayed downtown and explored Fisherman's Warf, Seal Cove and Ghirardelli Square. We tried to get in as much as possible before we ended our first day in San Francisco.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank Goodness....I'm Not Going Crazy!

When we first moved to our apartment, I saw something out by the dumpsters that looked like a fox, but it was the size of a cat. Foxes back in Missouri are a little larger and they are red so seeing a grey, tiny thing that looked like a fox totally threw me off. I immediately ran inside and told Jason that I saw a tiny fox out by the dumpster and he brushed off my comment like a fly buzzing around his head. He's exact words were, "Ash, it's probably just a feral cat!" I didn't push the issue anymore...maybe it was just a weird looking cat?! Every time we went outside to find the fox, it was sleeping or in a different dumpster. He/she was in hiding for a few months. I really started thinking that I had imagined the little furball.
A few months later (January or so) some friends came over and they said they saw a tiny fox outside. I was estatic...someone other than myself saw the fox. I'm not crazy!! Of course when we went out to find the "fox" all we could find was stray cats hanging out around the parking lot.
WELL...I finally have proof of the fox that lives in our apartment complex. We were coming back from dinner this past weekend and we saw something sitting in the grass. We slowed down and I immediately knew it was the fox. I grabbed my camera and started trying to get some physical evidence of the furry creature. The picture isn't the greatest but I lightened it as much as I could and added a yellow arrow so the little fox outline could been seen. The little fellow really had us confused...we had no idea that there was a breed of fox that little and that lived in the middle of a busy city. We started googling and discovered our little friend is a kit fox and he weighs no more than 5 pounds. They are the sweetest little things...
To add to the story even more, it's a protected animal in Bakersfield and different companies in our area have protected areas in their landscaping and grass where kit fox families have dens. These little creatures are all over Bakersfield...I guess the desert surrounding the city is the perfect habitat.
I'm so glad that I'm not going crazy....tiny foxes DO exist in our apartment complex! Now if we just could catch a glimpse of Big Foot and Santa!