Monday, September 20, 2010

Jelly Belly And Alcatraz

Friday morning we headed North to San Francisco for a fun-filled weekend with our friends, Steve and Laura. HUGE thanks to Thane who watched the boys for the weekend so we could sneak away and not have to worry about boarding up our babies! I had a fundraiser Thursday evening, so Friday morning came bright and early but I was so excited that it didn't matter how little of sleep I had the night before. We had a 5 hour drive so we made sure we loaded the car with plenty of drinks, snacks and great music. San Francisco is only a four hour drive but we wanted to tour the Jelly Belly factory before heading into the city...unfortunately that added an extra hour to the drive. Once we got to the factory, the extra hour didn't seem so bad. We couldn't take pictures along the tour but it was definitely a sight to see. There were so many rows of brightly colored bean shaped was fun guessing which flavors were which stacked up in the factory.Something new that Jelly Belly has started making new jelly beans called Bean Boozles. They look like some of their favorite beans (buttered popcorn, chocolate pudding, juicy pear, licorice) but taste horrible (moldy cheese, canned dog food, vomit, skunk spray). It was pretty funny to see people trying these nasty jelly beans. Most of them thought they could handle the nastiness...boy, were they wrong! We even tried one...pencil shavings! We couldn't go to the Jelly Belly factory and not try their Bean Boozles...Bleh! We had such a fun time trying all the different samples they make. We literally almost made ourselves sick on Jelly Belly's.
After our Jelly Belly tour, we headed to San Francisco because we had a tour at Alcatraz Island. We got downtown a little early so we did a little exploring before the tour. It was just so much fun walking along the piers!We met up with Laura and Steve at the Alcatraz ferry and we headed over to 'The Rock'. It was a pretty afternoon and the city view from the ferry was amazing! Please excuse the crazy was a pretty windy ride.Alcatraz was a sight to see from the distance but the closer we got, the more entrigued I became. There is so much history in the prison and in the island...The inside of the prison was kept almost exactly like it was when it was an active prison.
The facility had very few lights and a lot of the cells weren't by the few lights...the only light source they had was from a few small windows. It was very eye opening to see how these criminals lived for many years of their lives. Three men did escape from Alcatraz. They dug out a hole in their cell using spoons as their digging method. They placed fake heads with hair on their beds and made a run for it. They were never found but some people believe they made their way to South America.
The audio tour was amazing! They had previous inmates and guards that were telling all the old stories from the prison. After we left Alcatraz, we stayed downtown and explored Fisherman's Warf, Seal Cove and Ghirardelli Square. We tried to get in as much as possible before we ended our first day in San Francisco.


Kelsey Claire said...

I love your jelly belly hats! Sounds like a great weekend! It is nice you live so close to San Fran!

Typical Consultant said...

How fun! The tour of Alcatraz is super cool! :) San Francisco is so neat!