Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cable Cars And Fog

Day two was packed with all the touristy things we could do while we were in San Francisco. We spent the morning walking around Union Square, ChinaTown and hopping on a cable car. We had reservations later in the afternoon so we didn't want to get too far away.I really fell in love with how active the city was. Everytime we crossed the street, the crosswalk was filled with so many diverse people going in so many directions. It was a pretty neat experience. School, funeral homes, parks and any thing else that would have plenty of space back home was planted right in the middle of this city...squished into the 'city' life. Everything about this city entrigued me...
After we did a bit of exploring, it was time to head over to the GoCars. GoCars are these small electric cars that give an audio tour of the city. When we were shown our cars, we couldn't believe that these tiny, yellow cars would share the road with some huge trucks and busses.I originally thought I would drive for a little while but once we started the engine, I quickly changed seats with Jason. The throttled got stuck idling at a much higher RPM than normal....definitely not a good feeling! We put on our helmets, buckled our seatbelts and we were on our way!After we drove through the city, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. The drive along the coast was so pretty. People were out flying kites, walking their dogs and just enjoying the scenary. The Golden Gate bridge was probably one of my favorite things. We drove by and the fog allowed us to see just over half of the bridge. By the time we parked our cars back at the rental place and drove back, the fog had settled and the bridge was pretty much hidden. The cables used to hold up the bridge were huge...it was an awesome sight to see!After we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, our next stop was Lombard Street, America's crookedest street. Steve and Laura dropped us off at the top so we could walk down.
The flowers and the landscaping along the street were so pretty. It was a breath of fresh air amongst all the skyscrapers!After we toured every inch of San Francisco, we headed out of the city and got ready for the Stanford V. Wake Forest football game. Steve works for Stanford so he was able to get some tickets...thanks again, Steve!!We didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb so we threw on our Stanford shirts and did all the fun cheers and claps that Stanford fans do! I think we did a pretty good job of fitting in! Stanford pulled out a huge win...a lot of clapping and cheering took place Saturday night!We had such a great time exploring San Francisco. We've been wanting to go there since we moved to Bakersfield and I'm so glad we were able to go when Jason had some time off. We were like kids in a candy store...we love visiting and exploring new places.

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Kristin said...

Fun pictures!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Love doing the tourist thing too!